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12th - 14th January 2017

David Meade Show

David Meade is the Million Dollar Mentalist who shot to fame five years ago with his ground breaking tv series.

Now after five years on BBC one, the man who can read minds has joined forces with the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition to blow the minds of schools all across the country on the main stage of the 2017 event. Thousands of students will witness David do the impossible in front of their very eyes, and be challenged to work out how he makes the impossible seem possible. Does he use super powers? Psychic ability? Tricks? Or is science the secret behind some of his most amazing skills? David will blow the minds of the audience, and if they manage to guess some of his trade secrets, they’ll be rewarded by learning one of David’s most amazing feats to take away and perform themselves.

David Meade is a speaker, lecturer, author, and broadcaster, and has become one of the most recognisable faces in the country after a string of innovative projects on the BBC. He’s developed amazing skills of memory, psychology, communication, and mentalism that has made him one of the most sought after performers in Europe.

The Ultimate Science Show

The Ultimate Science Show has the longest sparks, the loudest explosions, the biggest and best science demos on the planet. This fast-paced, interactive show combines mind blowing demos and will show you how a career in STEM could be waiting for you in your future.

The Ultimate Science Show is a fast-paced, thrill packed, interactive demo show that proves that, when it comes to science demonstrations, bigger is always better. SmartFutures.ie is the website for students who want to find out if a career in science, technology, engineering or maths could be for them.

Alongside the high octane demonstrations with plenty of volunteer help this show will introduce students to all the SmartFutures.ie website has to offer.


Discover the Cosmos 3D

Spaceship Earth is our home in space. Life thrives on our little world. Mankind has developed technology to take us into orbit above our planet, travel to other worlds and peer back in time to the early universe.
Discover the Cosmos is a 3D journey through space and time. We will travel out to the edge of the Solar System and explore regions of space that are at the limits of the Sun’s influence. We will chase a comet as it tumbles towards The Sun and explore the surface of the Red Planet, Mars. We will learn about our star and view it through the eyes of specially designed instruments on board a spacecraft.

Travelling further away from our home, we will observe our beautiful and majestic Milky Way Galaxy from deep space and explore the origin and structure of the universe. We will discuss our place in the universe and see how we on Earth fit into the cosmic scale of everything.

So, take your seat, put on your glasses and join us on a 3D journey of cosmic discovery!

Titan the robot

Making his annual appearance at the Exhibition this year due to incredible demand. A show to entertain both young and old alike – Titan is transported around the Arena on a docking station driven by Dave the Man in Black.

After some adjustments to the controls, Dave the Man in Black ‘fires up’ the equipment and brings Titan to life – much to the shock of the audience around! This performance is not to be missed. Seeing is believing!

Titan has now appeared in over 30 countries across the world including Australia, South Africa, China, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam and all across the Midddle East.

World of robots

The World of Robots is the biggest open robotics contest in Ireland. Presented by the Irish robotics company, Mechatrons, there are over 20 different competitive categories that anyone can enter.
All you need is a robot built to meet the specifications of your chosen challenge. Competitors come from all walks of life; individuals, engineers, schools and universities all battling it out.
Challenges include maze solving, sumo, artbots, robocup (soccer), boxing, wrestling, micromouse, rope climbing and heavyweight robot battles to name just a few.

Robot battling is a true sport of the future. It has all the right elements: mad science, gladiatorial combat, plucky garage inventors, and hi-tech machinery. Brutally effective, utterly vicious machines have now evolved from one based on an engineering challenge, to that of hi-tech operational challenge with space age materials.

The mechanical evil that is the combat robot consists of robots using arms and blades and blunt objects to bash and slash and break each other apart. One type of combat robot, the Wedge Bots now have enormous power that they can put into one simple, cunning attack: slide a wedge under another robot, flip all of its 100kgs over 2m into the air, and watch it flail about like a dying cockroach or smash its belly with 14 tons of axe power.

It’s not just contests at the World of Robots though. There are robotic displays of famous robots such as R2-D2, Daleks and Skeletron. There is even a robotic Creeper from Minecraft!
Want to build your own to enter next year? Start your robot building career by talking to the Roboteers and finding out how to get started or visit www.mechatrons.com.
Robots are the future and the future is now.
It’s time you were part of it.

Drumming workshops

Irish Aid have drumming workshops running at the following times, numbers are restricted.

Clyde Room Foyer
Thursday: 10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 14.00, 15.00, 16.00

Concert Hall Foyer
Friday: 10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 14.00, 15.00, 16.00

Concert Hall Foyer
Saturday: 10.00, 11.00, 12.00

Clyde Room Foyer
Saturday: 14.00, 15.00, 16.00

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