2019 Category awards

Biological & Ecological Sciences

Award TitleSchoolCountyProject TitleStandStudent(s)
Junior Individual 3rd placeSt Gerard’sWicklowTo investigate the incidence and impact of microplastics on Irish farms1104Amelie Moore
Junior Individual 2nd placeColáiste Chill MhantainWicklowWill Hydroxymethylfurfuraldehyde (HMF) Levels in Honey Affect: 1) The Quality of Honey and 2) Effects of the Honey on Human Health1100Rían Byrne
Junior Individual 1st placeBelvedere CollegeDublinAmplified Renewable bioelectrical energy in Reduced Carbon Footprint Livestock Waste Treatment System1107Garret Molloy
Intermediate Individual 3rd placeHeywood Community SchoolLaoisLess is better.1207Evan Hogg
Intermediate Individual 2nd placeArd Scoil Na MaraWaterfordA Light Meal: An investigation of the impact of varying light levels on plant growth for sustainable vertical farming1201Caoimhín O’Leary
Intermediate Individual 1st placeMary Immaculate Secondary School LisdoonvarnaClareA tale of two soils – a comparative study of upland and lowland soils in the Burren1209Sarah McNamara
Senior Individual 3rd placeKillorglin Community CollegeKerryA systematic study into using halophyte species to develop a nutrient treatment biofilter to combat oceanic deadzones.1300Timothy McGrath
Senior Individual 2nd placeSt Andrew’s CollegeDublinCan we make mealworms eat more plastic?1305Isabel Schmidt
Senior Individual 1st placeSt. Clare’s Comprehensive SchoolLeitrimA Two Year Analysis of the Clinical Relationship between Calcium Ion, Vitamin D Levels and DEXA Scans in the Human Anatomy.1304Rachel Mc Partlin
Junior Group 3rd PlaceColaiste Dun an RiCavanAn Ecological Investigation into Dún an Rí Forest Park, Kingscourt, Co. Cavan1410Ilona Mc Carthy, Caoimhe Byrne, Éabha Garvey
Junior Group 2nd PlaceMount Mercy CollegeCorkIdentification of plant extracts and oils as insect repellents1408Eneyal Sivakumar, Maria Vieira, Chloe Doyle
Junior Group 1st placeColáiste Iognáid S.J.GalwayPAWS-itively Dangerous – Antibiotic Resistance1409Aoibhe Briscoe, Ellie Concannon, Kate Owens
Intermediate Group 3rd PlaceSt Mary’s Diocesan SchoolLouthDoes the strength of your sense of smell have a correlation with the strength of your short-term and long-term memory1522Calum Agnew, Seb Lennon
Intermediate Group 2nd placeColáiste Muire CrosshavenCorkFrom fish to fork – ingestion of microplastics by commercial fish off the Irish South Coast1510Rachel Cotter, Jack Mullen
Intermediate Group 1st placeColaiste TreasaCorkReducing Toxic Heavy Metals in the Global Food Chain1501David Grey, Cillian O Sullivan
Senior Group 3rd PlacePortmarnock Community SchoolDublinCressing The Bridge From Earth To Mars: An Investigation Into Whether A Simulant Of Martian Soil Can Produce Plants in a Martian Environment.1606Aaron Cullen, Adam Doyle
Senior Group 2nd placeMeanscoil GharmanWexfordInvestigating the biological benefits of E.M. probiotics in agriculture1614Conn Caomhánach Ó Muiris, Con Ó Meachair
Group 1st PlaceSouth Eastern Regional College – LisburnAntrimThe effect of natural food extracts on insulin secretion from pancreatic cells1617Izzy McConkey, Kerri-Melissa Burns, Sarah Scannell

Social & Behavioural Sciences

Award TitleSchoolCountyProject TitleStandStudent(s)
Junior Individual 3rd PlaceKinsale Community SchoolCorkA Statistical Study of the Attitude of Parents Towards Protective Clothing and Injury Prevention in Rugby2102Ryan McCarthy
Junior Individual 2nd PlaceLanesboro Community CollegeLongfordThe cost of playing for the club: A statistical analysis of time and money spent by GAA Senior Club players2108Conor Lyons
Junior Individual 1st PlaceColaiste TreasaCorkDiabetes: Don’t sugar coat it – Improving the general populations’ understanding of Type 2 Diabetes to support prevention2100Hannah Walsh
Intermediate Individual 3rd placeColáiste AilighDonegalStaidéar ar cén glúin in Éirinn atá is gníomhach agus is eolach faoi athrú aeraide2203Oisín Ó Fearáin
Intermediate Individual 2nd placeC.B.S. RoscommonRoscommonAre students from national schools with autism centres more empathetic to students with ASD?2201Jamie Finnegan
Intermediate Individual 1st placeColáiste Muire CrosshavenCorkMedia Meddling with Memory? – An investigation into post-event information and how it alters your recollection.2206Peter Lehane
Senior Individual 3rd placeScoil MhuireMeathWearable Memory Device2304Maeve Kenny
Senior Individual 2nd placeColáiste An Spioraid NaoimhCorkAn investigation into the benefits of non-formal education in Ireland2300Aidan Mamo Cooney
Senior Individual 1st placePresentation Secondary SchoolTipperaryTo determine if the current RSE course adequately prepares young people for changing health and social issues in Ireland.2303Róisín O’Connor
Junior Group 3rd PlaceColaiste TreasaCorkWhat Do You Think Of Me? A statistical analysis of adolescents & elderly people’s perceptions of aging2407Abby Reynolds, Ailish O’Hanlon, Aoife O’Brien
Junior Group 2nd PlaceColaiste TreasaCorkA statistical analysis of the impact of playing golf on the self esteem and well being of female adolescents.2403Ava Hynes, Katie Savage
Junior Group 1st PlaceThe Kings HospitalDublinUsing statistics to investigate changing use of language in Irish Primary students’ writing after 80 Years.2418Kate Bagnall, Bobbi Beattie
Intermediate Group 3rd placeSchull Community CollegeCorkRoad Quality in Rural Ireland: Effects and Solutions.2549Daisy Seward, Awinn Harrington-Wieler
Intermediate Group 2nd placeBandon Grammar SchoolCorkDyslexia: Learning difficulty or hidden talent?2572Ashleigh Wood, Lucy Quirke, Elspeth McIntosh
Intermediate Group 1st placeMohill Community CollegeLeitrimDecreasing childhood obesity2592Darragh Boyce, Hugh Boyce, Erica Ridge
Senior Group 3rd placeScoil MhuireClareIs the Leaving Certificate Fair?2705Lara Mellett, Niamh McMahon,
Senior Group 2nd placeSt Mary’s Knockbeg CollegeCarlowIs being physically active a clever idea? A statistical analysis of the correlation between academic success and physical activity.2700Oisín Chelmiah, Luke Conroy,
Senior Group 1st placeC.B.S. Secondary SchoolKerryA study into the effectiveness of teaching farm safety skills to young children by integrating different teaching pedagogies into a children’s storybook.2702Michael Carroll, Michael Kirby, Padraig Crean

Chemical, Physical & Mathematical Sciences

Award TitleSchoolCountyProject TitleStandStudent(s)
Junior Individual 3rd placeCarndonagh Community SchoolDonegalWill white wine remove red wine stains from clothing? – an investigation into the reaction which occurs when white wine is rubbed into a red wine stain.3107Ciara Gilmore
Junior Individual 2nd placeSt Andrew’s CollegeDublinTesting the hydrostatic head and breathability of different raincoat material3110Mark Speer
Junior Individual 1st placePresentation College AthenryGalwayMachine Learning To Predict Arrow Aerodynamics3102Samuel Regan
Intermediate Individual 3rd PlaceSt Mary’s CollegeLondonderryInvestigating the effect of activated charcoal on the absorbance of a range of medicines3212Maeve Stillman
Intermediate Individual 2nd placeJesus & Mary Secondary SchoolSligoFrom the Margins to the Middle: A Mathematical Analysis of the Evolution of Rhythmic Cadence in Rap Music3200Matthew Blakeney
Intermediate Individual 1st placeSt Joseph’s CollegeDublinNatural Geometry – An extension of Alfred Meyer’s 1878 ‘Floating Magnets’ experiment.3215Niamh Doherty
Senior Individual 3rd placeMount Mercy CollegeCorkImproving Cervical Cancer Screening with Artificial Intelligence3303Laura O’Sullivan
Senior Individual 2nd placeSynge Street CBSDublinAn Extension of Newton’s N-Body Problem3304Benedek Goz
Senior Individual 1st placeKinsale Community SchoolCork“Helping Hemp Heal; The Design Of A Nano-Formulation To Increase The Absorption Of Cannabidiol In The Gastro-Intestinal Tract”3312Jennifer McCarthy
Junior Group 3rd placeSynge Street CBSDublinIntersections of Sequences of Polygonal Numbers3404Dhruv Bhamidipati, Elvin Lucaci
Junior Group 2nd placeSt. Kilian’s German SchoolDublinWhat makes Dublin shake?3403Roan Batard, Ethan McQuaid, Marilou Gerbelot-Barillon
Junior Group 1st placeCross And Passion CollegeKildareHow efficient is algae as a fuel compared to other fuels?3407Hugo Langan, Matthew English
Intermediate Group 3rd PlacePobalscoil Inbhear ScéineKerryIs It Possible to Create a Mathematical Model to Predict Photopollution Based on Population Density in Munster?3502Conor Casey, Hannah Coombs
Intermediate Group 2nd placeSynge Street CBSDublinEuler’s Solution of the Tenth Problem of Apollonius3522Yaduvir Harhangi, Marton Goz
Intermediate Group 1st placeLoreto Secondary School, BalbrigganDublinReplacement of Standardised Primary Polyethylene Microbeads with Biodegradable Alternatives3529Cleo Gallen, Zainab Shahid,
Senior Group 2nd placeUrsuline CollegeSligoIt’s Lit – An Investigation into one’s perception of the distance of a light based on its position and frequency.3602Maura Madden, Nadia Mohammad, Elizabeth Bartlett
Senior Group 1st placeWesley CollegeDublinAn Investigation into what factors maximise the percentage of energy transfer from potential to kinetic energy3603Nicki Bond, Ceri Arnott, Jamie Taylor


Award TitleSchoolCountyProject TitleStandStudent(s)
Junior Individual 3rd placeCarrigaline Community SchoolCorkAutomated Water System Using Renewable energy.4106Ishaan Anwar Arakkal
Junior Individual 2nd placeCastleknock CollegeDublinSkip-A-Slip4101Sachin Mahesh
Junior Individual 1st placeMaynooth Education CampusKildareNIF4105Ethan Walker
Intermediate Individual Joint 2nd placeArdscoil RisLimerickTagBuddy A Safe & Secure NFC authenticated messaging service for teenagers4214Niall Meade
Intermediate Individual Joint 2nd placeColáiste Iognáid S.J.GalwayFast Heal is the Best Deal4212Michael Hayes
Intermediate Individual 1st placeSt Eunan’s CollegeDonegalMaking Social Media a Better Place Using Artificial Intelligence4217Leo Camacho
Senior Individual 3rd placeSt Aloysius College CarrigtwohillCorkThe Becquerel Roof: The Solar Roof of the Future4303Ava Kate Beausang
Senior Individual 2nd placeColaiste MhuireWestmeathFreshgraze: An automated cloud controlled moving fence for livestock4308Charlie Drumm
Senior Individual 1st placeGonzaga CollegeDublinHow to Learn Quickly: An investigation of how to optimally train deep neural networks and its implications for human learning4302Luke Rickard
Junior Group 3rd placeSt. Brogan’s CollegeCorkQuad Safety: Introducing the Quad Emergency Alert Device (QEAD)4407Adam Straub, Timmy Galvin
Junior Group 2nd placeScoil na mBráithre ChríostaíCorkSmart Sliotar-A ball tracking system4404Robert Troy, Rory Troy
Junior Group 1st placeSt Patrick’s Classical SchoolMeathCode-Ed4410Jake Casserly, Matthew Clinton, Cian Perdissat
Intermediate Group 3rd placeSt Marys College – C.S.Sp.DublinUsing tobii eye tracker 4c to assist people with Parkinson’s disease to use computers4536Samuel Byers, Ben Sheeran, Tim Cleary
Intermediate Group 2nd placeSt Marys CollegeWicklowWant a Safe Car? WHEEL Get Right on That!4523Aimee Bodell, Marguerite O’ Donovan, Leah Weldon
Intermediate Group 1st placeC.B.S. ThurlesTipperaryDeveloping a new Obstructive Sleep Apnoea prevention device4543Oisin O’Brien, Sam Quinlan
Senior Group 3rd placeNorth Monastery Secondary SchoolCorkHuman – Echolocation4609Elvis Nzekwe, Ashley Okoro
Senior Group 2nd placeSt Mary’s GsLondonderryCropSafe – Redefining the future of agriculture, today4601John McElhone, Michael McLaughlin
Senior Group 1st placeColáiste Bhaile ChláirGalwayA Secure and Anonymous Internet Using Onion Routing4603Seán Kelly, Seán Janson

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