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11th – 13th January 2024

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Daily Schedules

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An interactive one-woman circus show about plastic pollution from Ireland’s leading female clown Angelica Santander.

Juanita the cleaner has been collecting her rubbish for one whole year. But what can she do with her mountain of plastic? Where will it end up?

What can we do to stop it? Can she throw it away? Where does all that plastic we recycle actually go? She has so many questions – and needs your help to find solutions. Together with her audience, climate-conscious Juanita lifts the lid on our recycling bins and invites you to be part of her quest for a plastic-free world. Clown Juanita tackles plastic pollution in a provocative, entertaining and ridiculous way. An important, urgent and utterly hilarious show full of hope for our future.

Inspiring. Powerful. Eye-opening. Feel good.

Discover a world of limitless possibilities and embark on an exciting scientific expedition with climate scientist and broadcaster, Mark Langtry, aka “The Science Guy”, exploring the extremes of our planet. This high energy, interactive show will kickstart you into action, help you feel powerful about your future and inspire you to make a positive impact on our world!

Instagram: Mark_theScienceGuy
TikTok: Mark the Science Guy
X (Twitter): @MarkLangtry
Facebook: Mark the Science Guy

60 YEARS AGO, the space race was on! Valentina Tereshkova had become the first woman in space and our spacecraft had visited the planet Venus and we were on our way to Mars. The past 60 years has seen unprecedented growth in the space domain. The International Space Station is a human outpost in orbit around the planet, human beings have walked on The Moon and our spacecraft have visited other worlds and left the Solar System on the beginning of their galactic voyage.The next 60 years will see humans set foot on Mars. Space tourism is a reality. We will be mining asteroids for resources and there will be over 100,000 spacecraft in orbit around our planet, providing communications and navigation services and monitoring our climate from above.However, there are many challenges to overcome to build and sustain this next stage of human space travel. This 3D presentation will highlight these challenges and how we are preparing to take our next steps into the cosmos.

In the Drumming Workshops, students will play the west African djembe drums, a fun and interactive activity with our team from the Irish Aid Centre. Students will also learn about Irish Aid, Ireland’s ODA (official development assistance) programme and its work with partners in over 130 countries. Irish Aid was set up by the Irish Government in 1974, and this year will mark its 50th Anniversary.

At the workshops, students will discover how Ireland funds programmes around the world, to help reduce humanitarian need, tackle climate change, work towards achieving gender equality and strengthen governance globally. We will also explore how all of this work contributes towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

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