BT Accommodation Grant Scheme

The scheme is designed to help with the accommodation costs incurred by students from schools that have to travel considerable distances to compete in the event at the RDS in Dublin. These costs can prove to be an obstacle to many and can be the real reason why some students do not enter a project into the competition.

In recognition of this BT created a grant scheme under which schools may apply for assistance towards accommodation costs if they have to stay overnight in Dublin. This grant scheme underlines BT’s commitment to making the Exhibition accessible to schools from across all parts of Ireland. Schools eligible for a grant may be awarded either €150/£135 for an individual entry or €300/£270 for a group entry, subject to a maximum grant of €1,500/ £1350 per school and other applicable terms.

In order to be eligible, a school must be located in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland and be 70 kilometres / 44 miles or more from the RDS Showgrounds, Ballsbridge in Dublin 4, as measured in accordance with the service For full terms and conditions see the Rules page.

This is an opt in service you must check the relevant box on your teacher assessment form, if this is not done at the time of entry then a school cannot be awarded an accommodation grant.

Fundraising Hints & Tips

All schools, not just those outside the 70km / 44 miles grant zone, might want to consider raising some extra cash to help pay for teacher cover, travel and even spending money. In our experience, schools that raise a little bit of extra money have a much more relaxing experience at the event, not having to stress about how much things cost, or how much they have spent getting there. It really should be all about the experience of taking part and attending so here are a few fundraising ideas we know have worked for many schools over the years:

  • Car boot sales
  • Sponsored events like walks or silences
  • Wear your own clothes to school day
  • Cake sales
  • Seasonal Fairs/Bazaars
  • Balloon Races & Releases
  • Parties & Discos

You might even want to think about approaching local companies, especially those in the industrial or technology sector, to ask them for a lump sum sponsorship. They can then use this partnership to get positive PR in local newspapers.

Subsidised ‘Healthy Option’ lunches for students

A ‘Healthy Option’ Meal Menu will again be available in the RDS Exhibition Halls at the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 2019. Participating students will be supplied with a €4.00 voucher for each full day they are at the Exhibition. These vouchers can be used in part payment for one of the delicious meals on the Young Scientist Healthy Option Menu.

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