GAISCE The President’s Award

Gaisce and BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition

The BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition is now an official Gaisce Challenge Partner, allowing young people (aged 15-25) who are planning and preparing a project for entry to the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition to use their participation to count towards the ‘Personal Skill’ challenge area of Gaisce – The President’s Award at Bronze level.

What is Gaisce – The President’s Award?

Gaisce – The President’s Award is a self-development programme that encourages young people to find their passion, get active and make a difference in their community. Gaisce is a direct challenge from the President of Ireland to young people aged 15-25 to dream big and realise their potential. To achieve a Gaisce Award, participants set and achieve goals in four areas:

  • Community Involvement: volunteering with a local charity or community group.
  • Personal Skill: developing a skill or trying something entirely new!
  • Physical Recreation: becoming more active through sport or exercise.
  • Adventure Journey: discovering the great outdoors on a team journey.

There are three levels to Gaisce: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The more time and energy given, the greater the reward.

BTYSTE for your Gaisce Personal Skill

Participating in BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition is a great way for young people to complete their ‘Personal Skill’ challenge area for Gaisce – The President’s Award. In order to qualify for a Gaisce Challenge Area at Bronze level, participants commit at least one hour per week over a minimum of 13 weeks. For further information on time requirements visit:

If you are interested in using your planning, preparation and participation in BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition to count towards a Gaisce Award at Bronze or Silver level, speak with your Gaisce President’s Award Leader (PAL) in your school or organisation you’re involved with and agree how you can record and share your weekly progress for the Gaisce Award.

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