Applications must include:

On-line system will open in August - in the meantime please look at the following.

1. Entry form for projects

(Completed by students)

In addition to other information, you will give your project a title on this form. The project title should reflect accurately the scientific content of the project. Avoid using what you may think is a smart or catchy title; such titles are generally misleading and do not necessarily impress the judges. The title you choose is the one that will appear on your stand and the printed programme should your project progress to the exhibition at the RDS.

2. Project details form

(Completed by students)

On this form you should detail your project, how you intend to approach it and what work you have carried out to date.

3. One page proposal

(Completed by students)

This very important document forms an important part of the process by which the screening judges decide whether your project is accepted or not. It should explain to the judges what your project is all about and will help them decide whether or not you have already carried out some research and whether you are serious about entering. Care should be taken in preparing your proposal.

4. Entry fee

An entry fee of €20/£18 per student is payable by cheque/bank draft, postal order or credit card. Cash will not be accepted.

5. Teacher assessment form

(Completed by teachers)

Your teacher must complete the teacher assessment form online and also have this completed by 5pm on Wednesday the 25th of September 2019. Late entries will not be accepted. N.B. Requests for accommodation grants (where applicable), should also be made on the teacher assessment form at the time of entry.

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