Information for parents

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Your child will need your support over the coming months in the planning and preparation of their project for the Exhibition in January. A very good start in getting to grips with the Exhibition is to thoroughly read this website, but the main things you need to know are:

General advice

The following advice is given to ensure that the students you accompany to the Exhibition are your primary focus and that they feel a strong sense of support and security.

  • Adults should set good examples and serve as role models not only for students that they accompany but for all young people at the Exhibition.
  • Adults should know where their students are at all times, and students should know where their teacher/parent is at all times.
  • Adults should oversee project set-up and be available to assist students with any complications that may arise.
  • It is important that an adult should be available to cover or to arrange for cover for students, especially those entered in the Individual section. All students should be given breaks from their stands.

Project entry fee

Entry to the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 2022 is free. Results of the project selection process will not be released until the entry fee has been paid. All results are posted to the home address of the lead student, so please make sure your home address is entered correctly on the online entry form.

Confirmation of project entry

If a project has qualified, a pack containing media release, consent form and confirmation of entry form will be sent out. These must be signed and returned to the BT Young Scientist office by the date specified on the packs.


Please note, all decisions are final. Appeals against the judges’ decisions cannot be accepted.

Special assistance

If your child has special needs or requires additional assistance, please email us at before the exhibition so that we can accommodate this.

To redeem the code, please go to for further instructions.

Parking at the exhibition

There are no designated parking areas for parents during the exhibition.

Awards ceremony

The awards ceremony will be broadcast live on our website, social media and portal.