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This Project investigates if an artificial flower feeding system and an awareness/education initiative can aid bee populations over Winter by providing food and parasite treatment.

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To identify if there are gaps in understanding ASD in a transition year class. To increase unerstanding and support the ideal TY class

The curveture of hair maybe dependant on varibles like length diameter and maybe having an -X^2 quadratic mathematical formula. We will try to find this formula.

An improved electrochemical capacitor using fluoromethane and Tetraethylammonium tetrafluoroborate as a liquefied gas electrolyte with doped graphene as the plates.

Our project deals with the carbon footprint of several different foods and recipes and how additional carbon footprint information would affect our decisions as consumers.

We are researching the sodium content of livestock feeds and the possible side effects it may have on the fresh meat we consume.

We hypothesise that teams that have a record of success together can construct higher towers, in the "Marshmallow Challenge", than teams who haven't worked together.

Our project aims to compare the physical exertion of camogie players and hurlers.

My aim is to produce a lense switching device for interchangeable lense camcorders. With this device I will be able to capture unscripted moments as they happen.

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