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To discover which fat binding drug is the most effective under human body conditions.

We are comparing different methods of shuffling to see if there are any patterns in the cards. After these shuffles we will repeat with electronic shufflers including our programme.

We wish to investigate whether vitamin C levels in different fruits declines over time to determine how long the fruit should be stored for before consumption.

Our project will investigate the chemical composition of various natural antiseptics to identify which chemicals in their compositions give them their medicinal uses.

A comparison of the kinetic characteristics of a model single lift-motor hovercraft to that of a similar quad lift-motor hovercraft

This is a comparative study examining the computer training requirements of senior citizens in Carlow / Kilkenny with respondents from Latvia Poland and Romania

We are investigating impact of NOX and particulate matter on the growth of lichens in North Dublin and comparing the intra species genetic variation.

Research about Dementia, osteoarthritis and type 2 diabetes. How do two different lifestyles and diets affect the likelihood of developing age related illnesses.

We state a new conjecture concerning twin primes and provide numerical evidence to support it. We investigate applications of the conjecture in number theory.

Using a microcontroller to collect data from sensors and display it on an online UI where it can be viewed by anyone anywhere on anything.

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