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The aim of our project is to critically acess adolecents attitude awareness and their views towards teenage acne through the use of questionares.

Our project is about how social media influences parent's decisions on whether their daughter should or shouldn't receive the HPV vaccination.

An investigation into the effects of the new CAO points system on students doing the leaving cert re: class size and higher level subject uptake

We aim to find out peoples knowledge to immigration and asylum if it has changed in the past six months and reasons for this change.

To investigate the accuracy of sell-by and use-by dates on foods and to see how long foods are edible for past their use-by dates.

Our project aim is to investigate if cruciate and hip injuries are in any way related to intense training at growth spurt age.

Use of the health belief model (HBM) to analyse asthma awareness amongst the general public in Ireland.

I aim to investigate whether teenagers from a rural background or urban background are more likely to purchase branded goods by investigating their consumer behaviour.

My project aims to identify the causes of dental phobia and anxiety and its prevalence, as well as the affects it has on regular attendance.

With our project we want to find out if age gender and lifestyle have an impact on who remembers their dreams and when.

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