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In my project I hope to research the danger that young male and female drivers impose on our roads.

Our project is based around the study of active ingredients used in anti dandruff shampoos on basidiomycetus.

My project aims to find out the effectiveness of spot creams using a placebo with 3 different types of spot treatments.

We incorporated pedagogical methods into a farm safety storybook. No such book exists. This project makes children safer and collects valuable information on near misses.

With the use of surveys we will be studying how depression and other people's depression can have an effect on young people.

We wish to carry out a survey based on people's attitude towards bullying and its impact on their self confidence

CSNN is a destructive yet deceptive disease. This project aims to map the occurrence and pattern of disease infection in forests in Northern Europe.

This project will look at the optimal angle of reflective materials and the different reflective materials to see if they increase a solar panels output.

Our project uses statistical methods to investigate the publicsÕ attitudes towards abolishing the Junior Certificate and the reform of the Junior Cycle with a Standardised Testing system

A long term study of the success of marram grass transplantation programme in three plots on Virgin Mary Point headland on Inchydoney Island

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