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Investigating the efficiency of 3D printed prosthetics organs and other artificial creations by creating and testing sample prosthetics.

It is based on trying to determine if the food a person is weaned onto as a baby can affect his/her development into a supertaster

An investigation into the links between gender and talents in relation to synesthesia.

We are designing a new 'cool' cool box using nano materials to bring our healthy lunches to school safe to eat cool and fresh.

A study comparing genomes of antibiotic resistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus and other bacterial genomes using bioinformatic tools. I'll focus on antibiotic resistance and virulance.

We will be comparing the antimicrobial properties of pineapple extract with other juice extracts (grape, apple/grapefruit/orange) that DO NOT contain the enzyme bromelain.

We intend to look at how many people use the footbridges installed across the N11 and other roads in Ireland Compared to those who jaywalk

A study to see whether claims made by teachers regarding the supportiveness of the school (RE: LGBT Community) are consistent with the views of students

We wish to investigate the awareness and attitude of people towards pollution of waterways caused by microplastics used in personal care and household products.

To assess whether preparing or storing garlic in different ways affects its ability to inhibit or prevent cancer cell growth and how it does so.

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