Chemical Physical & Mathematical Sciences

It is an investigation into how various electoral systems work and their influence on national elections around the world.

A th—g‡il ar “cait-sœil” cine‡l glŽas feabhsaithe s‡bh‡ilteachta ar bh—ithre. Beidh sŽ rabhadh tiom‡naithe na coinn’ollacha b—thair oighreata le linn uaireanta an dorchadais.

Our project aims to investigate if ultra violet light influences the depletion/ leaching of Bisphenol A (BPA) in water bottles.

This investigation chemically analyses river water samples from each province in Ireland and asks which province has the cleanest water.Data gathered is presented mathematically.

Chemically analyse and compare sea water samples taken from five beaches and show the effect that an open sewer pipe has on their water quality.

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