Chemical Physical & Mathematical Sciences

An extended investigation into the effect of static magnetic fields on the molecular properties of water and its consequences for water in protein cavities

A new exactly-solvable many body problem is described. The new exact solution is used to assess the performance of various numerical algorithms and program codes.

Chun r‡ta ard cl—ir’n san usice a feabhsœ tr’ earra a dhearadh le cuir i sconna an uisce. œs‡id a bhaint bitimœn C.

T‡imid ag iarraidh faigh amach an fŽidir ionadaigh siœcra a œs‡id i dtaos chun e a dheanamh nios slaintiula.

Ag œs‡id gaoth-tholl‡n beimid ag iniœchadh an r—l a bhfuil ag na h-eit’ difriœla ar dealramh an tuinn’n.

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