Social and Behavioural Sciences

The purpose of my study is to investigate how a students attendance at school affect there overall grades.

I conducted the experiment over four weeks with three groups of 46 participants. The participants memorised a word list before and after mnemonic training.

I am investigating differences and similarities between the perception of older people and teenagers of each others priorities. Following a homework exercise in school about the needs of teenagers which was followed by a class discussion in school I wondered how teenagers and older citizens seemed to be different in their way of thinking about each other. So I decided to see just how wide the generation gap is in terms of prioritising everyday needs for each other and doing a comparison.

We will investigate the association of diet and exercise with childhood obesity levels via a case study questionnaire and calorie labelling experiment.

We are investigating what kind of video games young people like best; how often they use them and if they have faster reaction reflexes.

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