Qualified projects 2021

The following projects have qualified for the virtual BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition, 6-8 January 2021 (not all projects are listed)

Check the results from the list below or download the PDF
(Updated Wednesday 18 November 2020)

School CountySchool NameTitleCategoryProject Type
CarlowPresentation CollegeUnderstanding the positive effects of LockdownSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CavanColaiste Dun an Ri‘Maskne. What are your masks keeping out and what are they keeping in?Biological and EcologicalGroup
CavanColaiste Dun an RiA study of the factors that affect the type of dreams we experience.Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CavanColaiste Dun an RiAn Investigation into the relationship between Irish lottery participants and their socio-demographic backgrounds.Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CavanColaiste Dun an RiA Statistical Analysis of Young People’s Awareness and Attitude to COVID-19 in IrelandSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CavanSt Bricin’s Vocational SchoolThe effects hand sanitizer has on different materialsChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
CavanSt Bricin’s Vocational SchoolDoes colour effect the amount of feed a bird will eat?Biological and EcologicalGroup
CavanSt Bricin’s Vocational SchoolA StatisticalBiological and EcologicalGroup
CavanColaiste Dun an RiThe biological effects of wearing a mask on a student’s day to day life.Biological and EcologicalGroup
CavanColaiste Dun an RiAre protein bars and snacks worth it?Biological and EcologicalGroup
CavanBailieborough Community SchoolAre our cleaning habits affecting our household surfaces.Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
CavanBailieborough Community SchoolAn investigation to determine if shelter affects nutrient quantityBiological and EcologicalGroup
CavanBailieborough Community SchoolAn investigation to determine if porous fruit absorbs pesticides and chemicalsBiological and EcologicalIndividual
CavanColaiste Dun an RiAn analysis of the intake of iron and the awareness of the importance of iron among teenage girls in the prevention of iron deficiency anaemia.Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
ClareEnnistymon Vocational SchoolA study, analysis and creation of a viral music videosTechnologyGroup
ClareMary Immaculate Secondary School LisdoonvarnaDoes the availability of food affect the movement of periwinkles (Littorina littorea)Biological and EcologicalIndividual
ClareSt. Joseph’s Secondary SchoolTo Dry or not to DryBiological and EcologicalGroup
ClareSt. Joseph’s Secondary SchoolSpeedy CompostablesChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
ClareSt. Joseph’s Secondary SchoolRockpool QuestBiological and EcologicalGroup
ClareMary Immaculate Secondary School LisdoonvarnaIs visitor footfall affecting lichen growth on limestone pavement in the Burren?Biological and EcologicalIndividual
ClareMary Immaculate Secondary School LisdoonvarnaHouse searching by hermit crabsBiological and EcologicalIndividual
ClareSt. Joseph’s Secondary SchoolNanosilver:What does it do to our Marine Life?Biological and EcologicalIndividual
ClareMary Immaculate Secondary School LisdoonvarnaAn investigation into the differences in height of adjoining clints in Limestone pavement in the BurrenChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
ClareSt. Joseph’s Secondary SchoolSolar Powered Chemistry – Study Chemical Reaction Rates in Ultraviolet BeadsChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
ClareMary Immaculate Secondary School LisdoonvarnaDoes the level of nutrients in seawater affect the abundance of Ulva lactucaBiological and EcologicalIndividual
ClareSt Joseph’s Community CollegeEco-Friendly Bale NettingBiological and EcologicalGroup
CorkSt. Brogan’s CollegeHemp for a Sustainable Future?Biological and EcologicalIndividual
CorkColaiste TreasaWho’s minds the medics? A mixed methods investigation into the well being of Irish health care staffSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
CorkSt. Brogan’s CollegeW.A.S.T.E (Worthless activities that steal time and energy)Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkColáiste Muire CrosshavenBake it or Fake itBiological and EcologicalIndividual
CorkSt. Brogan’s CollegeKeep calm & carry on breastfeedingSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkSt. Brogan’s CollegeA Seed Of HopeTechnologyGroup
CorkSt Aloysius SchoolA Comparative Study of the Thermal Properties and Effectiveness of Various Tea CosiesChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
CorkGaelcholáiste Charraig Uí LeighinInsliú,Insliú,InsliúTechnologyIndividual
CorkGaelcholáiste Charraig Uí LeighinAn féidir Cress a fás ag baint úsáid as deochanna difriúl?Biological and EcologicalGroup
CorkGaelcholáiste Charraig Uí LeighinR.A.G.T.A.GTechnologyGroup
CorkColaiste An PhiarsaighHow Cerebal Palsy Affects Young ChildrenBiological and EcologicalGroup
CorkColaiste TreasaA Comparative Study to Investigate Experiences of Discrimination Among Ethnic Minority StudentsSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkColaiste Treasa“Investigating possible vegetable oil soil toxicity using nematodes as environmental bioindicators”Biological and EcologicalIndividual
CorkGaelcholáiste Charraig Uí LeighinAg Bréagnú Aischuisíocht Reitr sa Scriosán Candamach Rogha MhoillitheChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
CorkSt. Brogan’s CollegeE.Y.E (Enhance Your Education)Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkMillstreet Community SchoolOne language or two: what’s better for you?Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkColaiste An PhiarsaighTesting the physics of sliotarsChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
CorkColaiste An PhiarsaighCad é an éifeacht atá ag airgead ar ár sláinte?Biological and EcologicalGroup
CorkColaiste An PhiarsaighCan food affect your heart rate (short term)?Biological and EcologicalGroup
CorkColaiste An PhiarsaighWhich candle burns longer homemade or store boughtChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
CorkColaiste An PhiarsaighLeibhéil Bhithéagsúlachta i Saghasanna Difiriúla CoilleBiological and EcologicalIndividual
CorkColaiste An PhiarsaighAn investigation to measure the consequences of horticulture on mental healthSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
CorkColaiste An PhiarsaighMobile phone usage and the impact of push notificationsSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkSt Mary’s Secondary School“Code Red: An investigation of attitudes towards menstrual health and environmentally friendly menstrual products in Ireland.”Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkSt Mary’s Secondary SchoolMisogynistic Minds: A statistical investigation into the prominence of misogyny in young girl’s lives’.Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkSt Mary’s Secondary Schoolwhy is the uptake in physics so low in girls?Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
CorkSt Mary’s Secondary SchoolThe effects of colour on memory and moodBiological and EcologicalGroup
CorkSt Mary’s Secondary Schoolare compostable and biodegradable ration bags the future of Irish farms?Biological and EcologicalGroup
CorkSt Mary’s Secondary SchoolAn investigation into the effect of the COVID-19 lockdown on Domestic Violence in Irish households.Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
CorkSt Mary’s Secondary Schoolare parents/guardians willing to give their children CBD oils to help with various medical conditionsSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkColáiste Na ToirbhirteTik Tok: Why can’t I stop scrolling.Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkColáiste Na ToirbhirteHow untested water from private wells can put 1 million people at risk of E. coli poisoning.Biological and EcologicalIndividual
CorkColáiste ChoilmThe popularity of Direct provision and its alternatives in Ireland.Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkColáiste ChoilmA statistical investigation into Nomophobia and Smartphone addiction and developing a solution to reduce these issues from occurring amongst pre-teenagersSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkColáiste Muire CrosshavenOne small carbon free step for man one giant eco friendly leap for mankindChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
CorkColáiste ChoilmIncreasing the battery range of a drone using solar energy.TechnologyIndividual
CorkColaiste TreasaAn investigation into the ability of different pasture swards to sequester carbonBiological and EcologicalIndividual
CorkSt. Brogan’s CollegeCalories VS ChemicalsSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkMillstreet Community SchoolDo you ever think how much a “thumbs up” costs?Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkKinsale Community Schoolare casein based plastics a viable, sustainable and eco friendly alternative to oil based plastics?Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
CorkColáiste Muire CrosshavenFalling for the stars- a study into mainstream horoscopes affect one’s personalitySocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
CorkSt Mary’s Secondary SchoolBypass construction, farm disruption?Biological and EcologicalGroup
CorkSt Mary’s Secondary SchoolA statistical analysis of teenage girls’ knowledge of female disorders and diseases ie.endometriosis, PCOS, and breast and cervical cancerSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkSt Mary’s Secondary SchoolStay at home vs. Working mothers: how are their children raised?Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
CorkSt Mary’s Secondary SchoolHow music affects your heart rate during sleepSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkDe La Salle College CorkThe Social & Psychological Impact of Face Masks/Face Coverings on SocietySocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
CorkClonakilty Community CollegeBio-degradable Mycelium Food Containers.Biological and EcologicalGroup
CorkClonakilty Community CollegeWhy is Goat Off the Menu? A Statistical Analysis of Attitudes to Consuming Goat MeatSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkColáiste ChoilmWhat is the reproduction rate of bacteria on school uniforms?Biological and EcologicalGroup
CorkDe La Salle College CorkBike BlinkersTechnologyGroup
CorkBeara Community SchoolMusic Wise- the music note scanner appTechnologyGroup
CorkBeara Community SchoolTake the musk out of your mask!TechnologyGroup
CorkSt Mary’s Secondary SchoolDoes the temperature of where a battery is stored affect the electric current?Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
CorkSt. Brogan’s CollegeHow Covid-19 has had an impact on global warming.Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkMidleton CollegeAn analysis of the existing supports and resources in place for disabled individuals participating in the workplace in Ireland, and a proposal for a new scheme to improve themSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
CorkMidleton CollegeAn investigation into how face coverings have an effect within Post-Primary schools.Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
CorkMidleton CollegeStudents’ exposure and understanding of alt-right dog whistles; does political orientation correlate with online saturation of said symbolsSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
CorkColáiste Choilmstatistical analysis comparing stress levels in online learning versus in class learningSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkColáiste ChoilmTips to refrain from going insane (To research and test the physiological impact of stress relievers in a post stress environment)Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkColáiste ChoilmA Behavioural Analysis of Athletes in Team sports vs Individual SportsSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkColáiste Choilmgender dysphoria’s effects on a students mental healthSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
CorkColáiste ChoilmBacteria is in disguise, don’t let the levels riseBiological and EcologicalGroup
CorkColáiste ChoilmThe Conditioning of the next generation to gamble through the use of video gamesSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
CorkColáiste ChoilmDoes bacteria last as long on metal?Biological and EcologicalIndividual
CorkScoil Mhuire gan Smál BlarneyBudgies and their habitatsSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkSt. Brogan’s CollegeIs there toxins present in our drinking water?Biological and EcologicalGroup
CorkMillstreet Community SchoolIs Ireland’s eradication programme for bovine TB effective ?Biological and EcologicalGroup
CorkGaelcholáiste Charraig Uí LeighinCad é an difríocht idir sláinte agus folláine madra treoraí in aghaidh madra tíBiological and EcologicalGroup
CorkBoherbue Comprehensive SchoolQuarantots; Behavioural changes in primary school children due to quarantineSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkColáiste Muire CrosshavenAn investigation into how ingrained the lack of status for female athletes is in comparison to male athletes and to what extent is this a cognitive bias.Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
CorkBoherbue Comprehensive Schoolwomen in farmingSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkDouglas Community SchoolInterception of Insecure Wireless Network ProtocolsTechnologyGroup
CorkMillstreet Community SchoolCan we save our planet and our money, one Giant sequoia at at timeBiological and EcologicalGroup
CorkMillstreet Community SchoolCarbon sequestration in soilsBiological and EcologicalGroup
CorkBishopstown Community SchoolAnalyzing the difference between Car Insurance rates Between Ireland and other developed countries and why this occursSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
CorkColáiste ChoilmA Statistical Investigation into Pitch Perception Ability and its Correlation to Musical Confidence and Personality TypeSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkColáiste Na ToirbhirteDoes carbon concentration affect stomatal density?Biological and EcologicalGroup
CorkBeara Community SchoolEasy AnkleTechnologyGroup
CorkBeara Community SchoolPreventing machine accidents with warning systems.TechnologyIndividual
CorkBeara Community SchoolThe universal power of music.Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
CorkSt. Brogan’s CollegeCAN-TEENS Make Better Food Choices?Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
CorkSt Fanahan’s CollegeMy Health SaviourTechnologyGroup
CorkMidleton CollegeA Statistical Investigation into the Flaws of the Sexuality Education Curriculum in Ireland.Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
CorkBishopstown Community SchoolThe yearly cost of owning a pet dogBiological and EcologicalIndividual
CorkLoreto Secondary School FermoyAn Investigation Into The Effects Of Masks On Performance In SportsBiological and EcologicalIndividual
CorkSt Mary’s High SchoolAn investigation into the plastic content of teabagsBiological and EcologicalGroup
CorkSt Mary’s Secondary SchoolLife in Lockdown: An investigation into the effects of homeschooling and returning to school on children with autistic spectrum disordersSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkLoreto Secondary School FermoyDASHTagsTechnologyIndividual
CorkColaiste TreasaThe Statistic Analysis of Adolescent Perceptions and Attitudes towards people with Down SyndromeSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
CorkColáiste Cholmáin“What’s in a name?” Nuclear vs. FissionSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
CorkClonakilty Community CollegeFloor Safe Lighting SystemTechnologyGroup
CorkColaiste TreasaUse of the Health Belief Model to investigate elements informing young peoples attitudes towards Covid-19 and subsequent impact on response to restrictions and vaccine uptake.Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkScoil Mhuire KanturkDoes caffeine effect reaction time in sports?Biological and EcologicalGroup
CorkDouglas Community SchoolInvestigating what materials block a WiFi signal.TechnologyGroup
CorkScoil Mhuire KanturkBody Image Blues in SportSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkScoil Mhuire KanturkThe benefits of video-games on the elderly and other select groupSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
CorkSt Aloysius SchoolThe Shooting Technique of Steph CurryChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
CorkSt Aloysius SchoolHow Do Different Styles of Music Affect Our Heart and Our EmotionsSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
CorkSt Aloysius SchoolThe Physcis Behind Synchronised SwimmingChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
CorkPatrician AcademyAn investigation into how people aged 13 to 17 get their news, their awareness of fake news and their ability to identify a news source as trustworthy.Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkPatrician AcademyA statistical analysis of Irish people’s attitudes towards nuclear energy as a solution to achieving our carbon emission targetsSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkMidleton CollegeOrganic Bioplastic bottles an alternative to single use plastic bottlesBiological and EcologicalIndividual
CorkBandon Grammar SchoolTowards detecting state-of-the-art deepfakesTechnologyIndividual
CorkChristian Brothers Secondary School CorkHow do different generations interpret climate change and its effects?Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
CorkMidleton CollegeUse of medical technology into a vehicle steering wheel to help improve road safety.TechnologyIndividual
CorkColáiste Chríost RíOptimal healing time with correct use of crutchesChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
CorkColáiste Muire CrosshavenBeach closure exposureBiological and EcologicalIndividual
CorkColáiste An Spioraid NaoimhAn Investigation into the Feasibility of the 2020 Olympic GamesChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
CorkRegina Mundi CollegeAn investigation into the link between abitoic factors and the insect population decline; how it will negatively affect biodiversity and our daily lives in Douglas in the future.Biological and EcologicalGroup
CorkSt Aloysius College CarrigtwohillA comparative study to analyze lactobacillus versions on the growth of salad seeds.Biological and EcologicalGroup
CorkColáiste CholmáinBlue Light – Harmless Side Effect or Artificial Insomnia?TechnologyGroup
CorkMaria Immaculata Community CollegeWhich antacid remedies are most effective in the treatment of heartburn, and why?Biological and EcologicalGroup
CorkScoil Mhuire KanturkAlcohol and Mental HealthSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkBandon Grammar SchoolA Mathematical model to help improve rowing techniqueChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
CorkBandon Grammar SchoolDoes where you live affect your IQ?Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
CorkKinsale Community SchoolUsing NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to reduce learning time lost taking school registerTechnologyIndividual
CorkKinsale Community SchoolA Statistical study of the use of CPR and AEDsSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
CorkMount St MichaelAn Investigation of the Antimicrobial Properties of West Cork Lichen on Pathogenic BacteriaBiological and EcologicalGroup
CorkColáiste Chríost RíBird Lives MatterBiological and EcologicalGroup
CorkColáiste Muire CrosshavenLobsteristicBiological and EcologicalIndividual
DonegalScoil MhuireWhat’s killing you? A statistical analysis of the associations between age, gender, place of residence and cause of death in the Irish population.Biological and EcologicalGroup
DonegalAbbey Vocational SchoolA reusable biodegradable solution for coffee on the go.TechnologyIndividual
DonegalSt Eunan’s CollegeBuilding NOAA Weather Satellite Ground-StationTechnologyIndividual
DonegalAbbey Vocational SchoolInvestigating the antimicrobial activity of native Irish tree barks.Biological and EcologicalGroup
DonegalAbbey Vocational SchoolThe best household preservative for cut flowers.Biological and EcologicalGroup
DonegalCholáiste CholmcilleIs COVID-19 a catalyst for sustainabilitySocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
DonegalColáiste AilighFadhbanna Sóisialta ag Déagóirí I MéanscoileannaSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
DonegalColáiste AilighCén Mais Feamainn a Bheadh de Dhith Chun Mais Áirithe Plaisteach a Dhéanamh agus Cén feamainn áitiúil is fearr le húsáid?Biological and EcologicalIndividual
DonegalLoreto Community SchoolA Homemade Air Freshener Using Recycled PaperBiological and EcologicalGroup
DonegalColáiste AilighCén ghlúin is mó a bhaineann an paindéim Covid-19 leo?/Which generation is most concerned about the Covid-19 Pandemic?Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
DonegalLoreto Community SchoolAn investigation into the practical uses of facial recognition technology and biometrics, and the experimentation of available open source technology.TechnologyGroup
DonegalThe Royal and Prior SchoolCaptains HookTechnologyGroup
DonegalLoreto Community SchoolA chemical analysis of the alcohol content in hand sanitisers using chromatographyChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
DonegalLoreto Community SchoolDo horses respond to human emotion?Biological and EcologicalGroup
DonegalColáiste AilighCad é an dóigh is fearr chun feag a dhéanamh do na phíobáí uilleann?Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
DonegalPobalscoil Ghaoth DobhairAn Cóimheas Órga: an bhfuil sé le fáil i measc scoilireChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
DonegalColáiste AilighAn bhfuil muid Éire mar thír andúilmhear le feoilSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
DonegalColáiste AilighAn bhfuil tú abalta an méid siúcra sa fuil fuine ag baint úsáid as a seile in áit fuil?Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
DonegalColáiste AilighAn assessment of the Effects of lockdown and Isolation on physical and mental wellbeing of teenagers.Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
DownSouth Eastern Regional College – Bangor CampusInvestigating the link between Cardiovascular Disease and an individuals’ weight.Biological and EcologicalIndividual
DublinMount Anville Secondary SchoolRed Planet Residence: Designing a Habitable Subterranean Environment on Mars Capable of Sustaining Human LifeChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
DublinSynge Street CBSAnalytical Solutions of Compartmental Epidemic Models and Their Application to Parameter EstimationChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
DublinTempleogue CollegeSocial Media ManipulationSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
DublinNord Anglia International School DublinDeveloping a sensor glove for the blindTechnologyGroup
DublinSt Joseph’s CollegeA comparative analysis of the effectiveness of cleaning products based on their recommended retail price (RRP).Biological and EcologicalGroup
DublinSt Joseph’s CollegeInvestigating the link between reading for pleasure and pursuing a higher education and career.Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
DublinKishoge Community CollegeA Greener GreenhouseTechnologyGroup
DublinSt. Kilian’s German SchoolDesigning a better Operating SystemTechnologyIndividual
DublinTempleogue CollegeChanging Climate, Changing Genes: Epigenetics to help crops deal with climate change.Biological and EcologicalIndividual
DublinColáiste EoinDisproving the Theory of OverpopulationSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
DublinDominican CollegeA Dog’s Purpose: A study of and novel solution to lonelinessSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
DublinGrange Community CollegeTeaching from home during lockdown: A teacher’s perspectiveSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
DublinSt Mary’s Secondary SchoolCareerCoaster – The Ultimate Career Guide for Secondary School StudentsTechnologyIndividual
DublinSt Michaels CollegeHello;PoleTechnologyIndividual
DublinColáiste PhádraigThe effect of light Frequency on background radiation in a cloud chamberChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
DublinGonzaga CollegeStudying is Hard, But Who had it Harder?Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
DublinRosemont SchoolTell me what to thinkSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
DublinLoreto High SchoolBoost your MoodTechnologyGroup
DublinLoreto CollegeThe Science behind a DecisionSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
DublinGaelcholáiste an PhiarsaighTionchar tuismitheora ar rannpháirtíocht sa spórt i measc déagóirí baineanna, agus na fachtóirí a imríonn tionchar ar rannpháirtíocht na gcailíní sa spórt.Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
DublinTallaght Community School“The Magic Feather”: One weird trick to boost athletic performanceSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
DublinSt. Aidan’s C.B.S.Autonomous Drone to Deliver COVID 19 Self-Administered Tests to Patients’ HomesTechnologyIndividual
DublinGonzaga CollegeUsing modern technology to emulate CHIP8 on a basic webpageTechnologyGroup
DublinOur Ladys SchoolThe Effectiveness of Safety Procedures Against Covid-19Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
DublinThe Institute Of Education – DublinCurrent Social Media Conversations on Human Germline Genome Editing: A Twitter based AnalysisSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
DublinSt Andrew’s CollegeOn the Detection of COVID-19 with Chest X-rays Using Deep Learning ModelsTechnologyIndividual
DublinGonzaga CollegeWhy are the rocks red in Australia?Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
DublinSt Andrew’s CollegeHow pollution in rivers affects river wildlifeBiological and EcologicalIndividual
DublinSt Andrew’s CollegeAn investigation into the antibacterial properties of Irish wood for food preparationBiological and EcologicalGroup
DublinSt Andrew’s CollegeGoats milk vs Cows milk: why can some people consume goats milk but not cows milk?Biological and EcologicalIndividual
DublinSt Andrew’s CollegeHow The Sound Changes When Filling Up a BottleChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
DublinGonzaga CollegeThe Effectiveness of Covid-19 Restrictions in a School EnvironmentBiological and EcologicalGroup
DublinBelmayne Educate Together Secondary SchoolCOVIS: COVID-19 Observation Visual Intelligence SensorTechnologyGroup
DublinBelmayne Educate Together Secondary SchoolCARA; an approach to put a stop to bullyingSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
DublinSt Andrew’s CollegeHow does the land use adjacent to each stream sampling site affect macroinvertebrate biodiversity?Biological and EcologicalIndividual
DublinOur Ladys SchoolMeasuring the speed of the wind: Why does the wind blow?Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
DublinSt Andrew’s CollegeThe Healthy Study AppTechnologyIndividual
DublinSt Andrew’s CollegeIs Sheldon Right?: An Analytical Deconstruction of Different Forms of String Theory and Their Applications As Part of A Unified Theory.Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
DublinSt Andrew’s CollegeHow Would Using Non-Euclidean Paper Transform Traditional Origami Models?Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
DublinArdgillan Community CollegeAn investigation into if nano silver has an affect on the growth of Pissum SavitumBiological and EcologicalGroup
DublinLe Chéile Secondary SchoolWhat effects does hand sanitizer have on microorganismsChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
DublinClonturk Community College- Educate togetherHow Did Lockdown Effect Different Demographics?Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
DublinKingswood Community CollegeFibrostick Pro:New Fibromyalgia Detection SystemTechnologyIndividual
DublinSt Andrew’s CollegeComparing the vulnerability of beads formed by entrapping yeast cells by cross-linking sodium alginate and different masses of gelatine, with CaCl2 to chelation by EDTAChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
DublinSandymount Park Educate Together Secondary SchoolAre You Ready To Tumble? Protecting oceans from the microplastics in our laundryBiological and EcologicalGroup
DublinStratford CollegeA Higher Level Programming Language For Quantum ComputersTechnologyIndividual
DublinSt Conleth’s CollegeCOVID-19: A statistical investigation of the impact of the COVID-19 social restrictions during the lockdown on the well-being of 10 to 18 year oldsSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
DublinPobalscoil Neasain“Does eating cheese before bed really keep you awake at night? – Using hypothesis testing and tests of significance to really get to the bottom of this old wife’s tale”Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
DublinNord Anglia International School DublinSmart protective sporting gearChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
DublinRockbrook Park SchoolWhat’s the Most Efficient Way to Finish a Lollipop?Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
DublinSt Andrew’s CollegeThe Effects of Temperature on a Hydrogel Based Drug-Delivery SystemBiological and EcologicalIndividual
DublinSandymount Park Educate Together Secondary SchoolA Twist in the TurbineTechnologyIndividual
DublinScoil ChaitrionaFiosrúchán ar na Praiticiúlachtaí, agus Anailís Costa is Tairbhe ar an Maoiniú ón Rialtas don Suiteáil Painéal Gréine i nGach Teach in ÉirinnSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
DublinLe Chéile Secondary SchoolAre they too young?Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
DublinNord Anglia International School DublinWind Turbine Assisted Electric ScooterTechnologyIndividual
DublinColaiste Pobail SetantaStudents Without StressSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
DublinHome SchoolInvestigating the impact of a single teaching input on maths anxiety in primary school pupilsSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
DublinSt Joseph Of ClunyHow to determine the ideal length of a skipping rope for skippingChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
DublinOur Ladys SchoolThe implication of modern materials affecting force and how it contributes to gameplayChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
DublinSandford Park School LtdHow Does the Temperature of a Tennis Ball Affect its Bounce?Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
DublinLoreto Secondary School, BalbrigganThe Effects of ASMR on Stress Levels and Loneliness in Teenage Girls.Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
DublinLe Chéile Secondary SchoolDo video games improve performance in sports?Biological and EcologicalIndividual
DublinColáiste PhádraigExploring the IPD and Nash Equilibrium using Machine LearningTechnologyGroup
DublinArdgillan Community Collegethe psychology effects of prison and why the prison system needs to be changed to stop recidivismSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
DublinColáiste Iosagáinan gcuireann maisc isteach ar chumarsáid i measc déagóirí?Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
DublinSt Mary’s Secondary SchoolWhy is there such a taboo in Ireland surrounding menstraution?Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
DublinSt Mary’s Secondary SchoolHuman reaction to Different types of MusicBiological and EcologicalGroup
DublinLoreto Secondary School, BalbrigganCould vertical farming be used as a more efficient farming method than conventional arable farming in Ireland?Biological and EcologicalGroup
DublinLoreto Secondary School, BalbrigganDo virtual escape rooms help students to learn about laboratory experiments?Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
DublinTempleogue CollegePhototropic – using machine learning algorithms to prevent habitat loss and deforestationTechnologyIndividual
DublinLoreto Secondary School, BalbrigganAn investigation on mask etiquette amongst girls and how it is influenced by social factors.Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
DublinLoreto CollegeCan secondary school students learn word translations whilst sleeping and if so, which sleep stage will maximize this?Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
DublinArdgillan Community CollegeArtificial eco-systemBiological and EcologicalGroup
DublinLoreto Secondary School, BalbrigganWould exposure to a virtual interactive story have an effect on how people perceive immunisation?Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
DublinSt Mary’s Secondary SchoolA systematic investigation into the affects that genres and characteristics of musical styles have on the habits and techniques of drivers. Does music control our steering wheels?Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
DublinHome SchoolOptimisation of wild yeast production for breadBiological and EcologicalIndividual
DublinLoreto Secondary School, BalbrigganAre people with a strong general belief in conspiracy theories, less likely to have confidence in the safety and efficacy of vaccinations?Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
DublinMuckross Park CollegeKid’s Menus – What Are The Options?Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
DublinMount Anville Secondary SchoolIs It Ripe Yet?- A circuit to measure the light resistance of a variety of colours and thereby differentiate between red and green to determine whether certain varieties of fresh pTechnologyGroup
DublinArdgillan Community CollegeAcoustic Ecology-Listening To Our World ChangeBiological and EcologicalIndividual
DublinSt Marys College – C.S.Sp.HDPE TransformerTechnologyGroup
DublinSt Joseph’s Secondary School, RushARES: Automated Risk EvaluationTechnologyGroup
DublinGonzaga CollegeThe overtraining of teenage boysSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
DublinSt Joseph’s Secondary School, Rushcan seaweed be used as a enviornmental and eco friendly slug repellentBiological and EcologicalGroup
DublinSt Joseph’s Secondary School, RushThe Gameification of social distancingTechnologyGroup
DublinSt Joseph’s Secondary School, RushA review of the interventions used to reduce the spread of Fusarium wilt disease.Biological and EcologicalGroup
DublinLoreto Secondary School, BalbrigganCan relative pitch affect a person’s ability to reproduce and pronounce languages?Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
DublinSt Joseph’s Secondary School, RushCan Virtual Reality interventions be used to tackle public speaking anxiety?TechnologyGroup
DublinSt Joseph’s Secondary School, RushEye see it: A study into the effect eye colour has on Reactive motor skills and hand eye coordinationBiological and EcologicalGroup
DublinSt Joseph’s Secondary School, RushSeaweed: ‘Breakfast of Champignons’. An Investigation into the Environmental, Nutritional and Economic Benefits of Seaweed as a Natural Nutritional Supplement for Vegetables.Biological and EcologicalGroup
DublinSt Joseph’s Secondary School, RushNo Rush!Biological and EcologicalIndividual
DublinSt Joseph’s Secondary School, RushPark-Life: Raising the Ecological Profile of our Town ParkBiological and EcologicalGroup
GalwayColáiste Bhaile ChláirBasketball play on 2 different surfacesChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
GalwayColáiste Bhaile ChláirAre the Covid-19 restrictions affecting your learning in class?Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
GalwaySt Brigids Vocational SchoolCognitive Deterioration – effects, causes and possible means of combatSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
GalwaySt Brigids Vocational SchoolAn investigation into the decrease in cinema attendees due to the over-reliance and availability of streaming services.Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
GalwaySt Brigids Vocational SchoolInvestigating the effectiveness of wearing a face mask and social distancing during a pandemicBiological and EcologicalIndividual
GalwayPresentation College HeadfordHome Spectral AnalysisTechnologyIndividual
GalwayPresentation College HeadfordInterstitial InvestigationsTechnologyIndividual
GalwayColáiste MhuireIntroducing “Memories”Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
GalwaySt. Mary’s CollegeIs virtual the new reality? An investigation into opinions on virtual eventsSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
GalwayJesus & Mary Secondary SchoolTikTok AfterShockSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
GalwayColáiste Bhaile ChláirThe effect the Introduction of the Irish Political Gender Quota has had on voting patternsSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
GalwaySt. Mary’s CollegeAn investigation into the factors effecting Hydrogen yield in ElectrolysisTechnologyIndividual
GalwayHoly Rosary CollegeThe effect of nutrition on the performance of young athletes.Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
GalwayColáiste na CoiribeAn féidir séiseanna cheol a chumadh go matamaiticiúilChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
KerryPobalscoil Inbhear ScéineUsing Machine Learning to Improve Numerical Weather PredictionChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
KerryPobalscoil Inbhear Scéinewould taking regular mental health days benefit teen-agersSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
KerryPobalscoil Inbhear ScéineAn ‘Infodemic’ during a PandemicSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
KerryKillorglin Community Collegeis the increase in temperature and humidity over the summer months effecting the hatch rate of small poultry farmsBiological and EcologicalIndividual
KerryGaelcholáiste ChiarraíNature takes on nature: Eradicating Japanese knotweedBiological and EcologicalIndividual
KerryMercy Secondary SchoolSPECS – An Adapted Spectacle System for Dementia PatientsTechnologyGroup
KerryMercy Secondary SchoolAn Analytical Study of the Psychological Impact of the Coronavirus PandemicSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
KerryMercy Secondary SchoolThe development of a learning through play activity to combat racial bias in children.Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
KerryTarbert Comprehensive SchoolHow participation in extracurricular activities gradesSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
KerryTarbert Comprehensive SchoolDo the chemicals in hand sanitizer affect your skin?Biological and EcologicalGroup
KerryTarbert Comprehensive SchoolDecomposing rushes, the answer to heating homes?TechnologyGroup
KerryMercy Secondary SchoolOnlineOfflineTechnologyGroup
KerrySt. Brigid’s Secondary SchoolVertical Farming -The Future of Healthy SchoolsSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
KerryC.B.S. Secondary SchoolUsing GDPR compliant QR codes in the hospitality sector to simplify Covid 19 contact tracingTechnologyGroup
KerryC.B.S. Secondary SchoolA statistical analysis on the level of knowledge and attitude to meningococcal sepsis and meningococcal vaccine (ACWY) in Irish adolescentsSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
KerryPobalscoil Inbhear ScéineNeed For SpeedChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
KerryScoil Phobail Sliabh LuachraA modern approach to Irish EHR data storing and its role in predictive medicine analysisTechnologyGroup
KerryGaelcholáiste ChiarraíVardrus ClisteTechnologyIndividual
KerryC.B.S. Secondary SchoolThe impact of Infodemic on possible Covid 19 vaccine hesitancySocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
KildarePatrician Secondary SchoolAistrigh, The Smart Translator: Using Natural Language Processing Technology to Optimise Machine Translation in the Irish LanguageTechnologyGroup
KildareScoil Mhuire Community SchoolSensor Data in a Time of Coronavirus: using environmental factors to generate a warning system for indoor spaces when safe capacity is exceeded.Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
KildareColáiste Naomh Mhuire“Behind the mask”Biological and EcologicalGroup
KildareScoil Mhuire Community SchoolAn investigation into the differences in contaminant levels in water from old and new pipe work systems in comparison to the levels at its original sourceChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
KildareColáiste Naomh Mhuire“How do you see me?” A statistical analysis of the influence of appearance on how others perceive people’s lifestyles.Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
KildareColáiste Naomh MhuireTo Brand or Not to Brand – Are branded anti-bacterial wipes more effective than supermarket brands?Biological and EcologicalGroup
KildareColáiste Naomh MhuireWhere’s my voice? A student’s analysis on the effects of face coverings in a school environment.Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
KildareKildare Town Community SchoolAsh Dieback and it’s Impact on Irish BiodiversityBiological and EcologicalIndividual
KildareCross And Passion CollegeThe Ultimate Guide To What Food I Can Give My Pet From My KitchenTechnologyIndividual
KildareColáiste LorcáinHow the lack of finishing primary school has affected 1st year studentsSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
KildareNaas Community CollegeCan an economically efficient upper limb prosthetic be made and match the market?TechnologyGroup
KildareLeixlip Community SchoolA statistical investigation into the environmental impact of Covid-19.Biological and EcologicalIndividual
KildareColáiste LorcáinAre Kinesthetic Learners Given Enough Support in and out of the Classroom?Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
KildareLeixlip Community Schoolwhat material insulates hot water the best?Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
KilkennyColáiste Pobal OsraíAn bhfuil vapáil ma cloch céim le haghaidh caithaimh tabaic, agus an bhfuil fhios ag deagoirí faoi na dáinsèir.Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
KilkennyColáiste Pobal OsraíAn bhful sport foirine níos fear an sport an indibhid cun luis frithluia a feabhsúBiological and EcologicalGroup
KilkennyColáiste Pobal Osraíeifeacht miocrorgánach ar fás plandaíBiological and EcologicalIndividual
KilkennyCastlecomer Community SchoolDo phones affect the quality and duration of your sleepSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
KilkennyCastlecomer Community SchoolDo microwaves affect the levels of nutrients in food?Biological and EcologicalGroup
KilkennyLoreto Secondary SchoolThe Perfect Sideline?Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
KilkennyLoreto Secondary SchoolDoes food affect your heat rate ?Biological and EcologicalGroup
KilkennySt Kieran’s CollegeThe effect of fertiliser on the growth of grassBiological and EcologicalGroup
KilkennyColáiste Pobal OsraíAn buntáiste é mata a dhéanamh trí gaeilge.Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
KilkennySt Kieran’s CollegeAn investigation into the effects of eating before sleepSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
KilkennyLoreto Secondary SchoolInvestigating AlgorithmsSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
KilkennySt Kieran’s CollegeSustainable Food ProductionBiological and EcologicalIndividual
KilkennyCastlecomer Community SchoolDoes Covid-19 behave differently in a range of distinct socioeconomic areas around Ireland?Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
KilkennyCastlecomer Community SchoolAre Youths Burned Out From Being Involved In Too Much SportBiological and EcologicalGroup
KilkennyCastlecomer Community SchoolA study to establish the most effective cool down protocol for horses post intense exercise, using the parameters of heart rate and respiratory rate.Biological and EcologicalGroup
KilkennyCastlecomer Community SchoolEffects of Intensive farming on soil health.Biological and EcologicalIndividual
KilkennyCastlecomer Community SchoolMob Mentality And Who Is More Susceptible.Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
KilkennyLoreto Secondary SchoolAn investigation into the possible link between protective headgear and skin conditions in camogie playersBiological and EcologicalGroup
KilkennySt Kieran’s CollegeHow Do Quantum Phenomena Give Rise to the Reality We Know?Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
KilkennyMeánscoil na mBráithre CriostaíHow does fertilizer affect wildlife and the envoirnmentBiological and EcologicalGroup
KilkennyMeánscoil na mBráithre CriostaíCalendar farming:Does it even work?Biological and EcologicalIndividual
KilkennyLoreto Secondary SchoolSolar power dessicant wheel efficiencyTechnologyGroup
KilkennyLoreto Secondary SchoolDoes mindfulness positively effect exam students?Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
KilkennySt Kieran’s CollegeInvestigating Salt Water BatteriesChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
KilkennyLoreto Secondary SchoolDoes device usage affect short term memory?Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
KilkennyMeánscoil na mBráithre CriostaíReducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere using renewable energyChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
LaoisHeywood Community SchoolThe regulations at play behind your physical activity: A statistical analysis into how we can use SDT to better motivate the nation to participate in physical activitySocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
LaoisPortlaoise CollegeMovie MoralSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
LaoisPortlaoise CollegeSexism In SportSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
LaoisPortlaoise CollegeEffects that different diets have on a venus fly trapBiological and EcologicalGroup
LaoisHeywood Community SchoolThe Effect of Binaural Beats On Our MemorySocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
LaoisPortlaoise CollegeMicrotransactions and their effect on human behaviorSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
LeitrimCarrick-On-Shannon Community SchoolReverse Trailer HitchTechnologyGroup
LeitrimCarrick-On-Shannon Community SchoolThe teenage fixation on supplemented protein due to social mediaSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
LeitrimCarrick-On-Shannon Community SchoolAutomatic Door handle sanitiserTechnologyGroup
LeitrimCarrick-On-Shannon Community School“Is rural Ireland a good environment for Creatives to flourishSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
LeitrimCarrick-On-Shannon Community SchoolSmart Reusable Water BottleTechnologyGroup
LeitrimCarrick-On-Shannon Community SchoolDesigning a safety wristband to help vulnerable people in immediate dangerTechnologyGroup
LeitrimMohill Community CollegeThe environmental impact of reusing grey water for agricultural purposes and the effect it has on plant growthBiological and EcologicalIndividual
LeitrimCarrick-On-Shannon Community SchoolDo people who play an instrument contract physical illnesses less often than those who don’tBiological and EcologicalGroup
LeitrimSt. Clare’s Comprehensive SchoolAn investigation into the effect of the recent lock down on children with Autism, their parents and their familiesSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
LeitrimSt. Clare’s Comprehensive SchoolAn investigation into the impacts of wearing face masks on the lives and learning experiences of young peopleSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
LimerickDesmond CollegePolarised, Anti-bacterial Face Shield, for use with Hurling HelmetsTechnologyGroup
LimerickDesmond College“Using magnets to help prevent heart attacks”Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
LimerickDesmond CollegeSelf-Sanitising SurfacesTechnologyGroup
LimerickDesmond CollegePersonal Pop-Up PodTechnologyGroup
LimerickDesmond CollegeD.O.R.A.S. “Door Operation Rural Alert System”TechnologyIndividual
LimerickDesmond CollegeBiodegradable Face Mask to Reduce Pollution & Protect the EnvironmentBiological and EcologicalIndividual
LimerickDesmond CollegeElectronic Taste SimulationTechnologyIndividual
LimerickDesmond CollegeA Chemical alternative to Google MapsChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
LimerickDesmond CollegeTreatment on Ecchymosis using UltrasoundTechnologyIndividual
LimerickDesmond CollegeTeacher’s P.E.T. (Personal Educational Tools)TechnologyGroup
LimerickJohn The Baptist Community SchoolAnti-backing loading gateTechnologyIndividual
LimerickMungret Community CollegeTo Design A Learning Plan For Primary Schools To Prevent Future Hate CrimeSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
LimerickGaelcholáiste LuimnighComparáid idir an méid iarann atá á fáil ag feoilséantóir i gcompairáid le uiliteoirBiological and EcologicalGroup
LimerickColáiste ChiaráinShining A Light On School Coronavirus Cleaning ProtocolsChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
LimerickGlenstal Abbey SchoolHow accurate is your weather app?TechnologyIndividual
LimerickLaurel Hill Secondary School FCJRobot Radio: AI in the music industryTechnologyIndividual
LimerickLaurel Hill Secondary School FCJOptimising leg orthotic design for individuals with Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease (CMT)TechnologyGroup
LimerickMungret Community CollegeTo investigate the nutrients of fruits and vegetables over a period of time.Biological and EcologicalIndividual
LimerickMungret Community CollegeBlended Learning: Using online learning techniques to support 2nd Level EducationSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
LimerickArdscoil RisVoting for Change: A comparative analysis of the Irish PR-STV voting system to determine if it contributes to political instability, gender imbalances and absence of democracySocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
LimerickColaiste Nano NagleDo certain masks slow the spread of the coronavirusBiological and EcologicalGroup
LimerickLaurel Hill Secondary School FCJComparing synthetic wound dressings to natural honey-based dressingsBiological and EcologicalIndividual
LimerickLaurel Hill Secondary School FCJInvestigating the Physical and Mental Trauma Experienced by Sexual Assault VictimsSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
LimerickLaurel Hill Secondary School FCJThe link between eating disorders, self-esteem and anxietySocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
LimerickGaelcholáiste LuimnighInvestigating gender balance on student councilsSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
LimerickGaelcholáiste LuimnighAutomated Pill Dispenser – increasing independence, efficiency and reducing dosage errors. ( Dáileoir Pill Uathoibrithe – neamhspleáchas agus éifeachtúlacht a méadú.TechnologyIndividual
LimerickColaiste Nano NagleMeritocracy in schools; eliminating luck in the equation of successSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
LimerickLaurel Hill Secondary School FCJThe disproportionate nature of the gender gap in politicsSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
LimerickSalesian Secondary College, PallaskenryUsing Image analysis to find people lost at seaTechnologyIndividual
LimerickHazelwood CollegeAn investigation into the use of oat milk as an alternative in baby formula productsBiological and EcologicalIndividual
LimerickColáiste IósaefProject PolesTechnologyGroup
LimerickGlenstal Abbey SchoolPrototype of an Electroactive Polymer Muscle SuitTechnologyIndividual
LimerickCastletroy CollegeCovidiocy’ – an emerging phenomenonSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
LimerickLaurel Hill Secondary School FCJ“The Impact of Social Media on the Voters of the Future in Ireland”Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
LimerickCastletroy CollegeThe development of racial prejudice in children: a statistical analysis on the influence of society and home life on a child’s thoughts and attitudes towards racismSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
LimerickGaelcholáiste Luimnigh”My Nana & Telehealth”.TechnologyIndividual
LondonderrySt Mary’s CollegeInvestigating the Effectiveness of Face MasksChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
LondonderrySt Mary’s CollegeInvestigating if there a link between lack of Vitamin D and the severity of COVID-19 in BAMEChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
LondonderrySt Mary’s CollegeA comparative investigation of the efficacy of proprietary and home made hand sanitisersBiological and EcologicalIndividual
LondonderrySt Mary’s CollegeInvestigating the amount of plastic in face masks, gloves and hand sanitiser bottles used for protection against COVID-19Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
LondonderryColeraine GrammarImproved Face Mask Design and Materials for a COVID-19 WorldTechnologyIndividual
LongfordLanesboro Community CollegeRising from the ashes: A survey of plants in my local bogs which have been identified as having medicinal propertiesBiological and EcologicalIndividual
LongfordLanesboro Community CollegeToo Hot -Stop!: An integrated temperature scanner and stop go systemTechnologyIndividual
LongfordArdscoil PhadraigThe effect of technology on social interactionsSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
LongfordArdscoil PhadraigPhysical Activity and ProductivitySocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
LongfordLanesboro Community CollegeA qualitative and quantitative investigation into the factors that influence the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s) amongst GAA players.Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
LouthBush Post Primary SchoolGeneration Z: Why Are We Stressed, Depressed and Image Obsessed?Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
LouthBush Post Primary Schoolsmoking vs vapingBiological and EcologicalGroup
LouthBush Post Primary SchoolExperimental Cancer Trials- Do the benefits outweigh the potential harm they could be causing?Biological and EcologicalIndividual
LouthOur Ladys CollegeA Mathematical investigation of regular and semiregular tessellating patternsChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
LouthSt Vincent’s Secondary SchoolAn investigation into the effects of combined heated air currents of different temperature on the flight dynamics on a badminton shuttlecockChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
LouthSt Vincent’s Secondary SchoolA Machiavellian comparison between primary and secondary school students.Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
LouthSt Vincent’s Secondary SchoolAn investigation into how the wearing of face coverings by teachers in classroom settings affects the sound levels at diffrent positions in diffrent classroom settingsChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
LouthDe La Salle CollegeDefiblocatorTechnologyGroup
LouthSt Vincent’s Secondary SchoolA Comparative Analysis Of The Different Rock Types That Make Up “Pebbles” On Beaches in LouthBiological and EcologicalGroup
MayoMount St MichaelHospital Holly and Henry – a mobile tri folding interactive solution to eradicate children’s fears of medical procedures!TechnologyIndividual
MayoBallinrobe Community SchoolDefibrillator finder : BallinrobeTechnologyGroup
MayoMount St MichaelAttainbleTechnologyGroup
MayoMount St MichaelTrackmedTechnologyGroup
MayoJesus & Mary Secondary SchoolBehind the Mask of Social Media: Using Natural Language Processing to highlight any increase in negative sentiment in social media activities during the LockdownTechnologyIndividual
MayoSt. Mary’s Secondary SchoolA Solution to Excessive Water Usage from Brushing TeethTechnologyIndividual
MeathScoil MhuireHighFiveSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
MeathSt. Joseph’s Secondary SchoolThe impact covid 19 has had on the injury rate amoung female GAA playersBiological and EcologicalGroup
MeathSt. Joseph’s Secondary SchoolCards, the maths behind itChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
MeathSt. Joseph’s Secondary SchoolWhats the best straw bedding for housing cattle indoors over winter.Biological and EcologicalGroup
MeathEnfield Community CollegeAn investigation into the efficiency of different fabric on facemasks with relation to preventing the spread of cough and sneeze droplets during COVID-19.Biological and EcologicalGroup
MeathEnfield Community CollegeA comparative study on how plant height is impacted by other plants growing nearby.Biological and EcologicalIndividual
MeathEureka Secondary SchoolPlant-Based Milk vs Animal Milk. Which is the Way of the Future?Biological and EcologicalGroup
MeathSt Patrick’s Classical SchoolTelepathTechnologyIndividual
MeathYouthreach NavanA Theory About Conspiracy TheoriesSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
MeathYouthreach NavanSmart learning for smart peopleSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
MeathYouthreach NavanEnding DiscriminationSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
MeathDunshaughlin Community CollegeInspiring future scientistsSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
MonaghanOur Lady’s Secondary SchoolQuick ShotChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
MonaghanSt. Louis Secondary SchoolAn investigation into the health benefits of listening to music tuned to 432hz versus 440hz.Biological and EcologicalGroup
MonaghanSt. Louis Secondary SchoolA statistical analysis exploring the public’s attitude towards the ‘Resilience and recovery plan 2020-2021″.Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
MonaghanCastleblayney CollegeThe Dark Side of Blue LightSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
MonaghanSt. Louis Secondary School‘A statistical investigation into the prominence of dysmorphic body image issues amongst second level students and the contrast between each gender.’Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
MonaghanSt. Louis Secondary SchoolIs music therepy an effective treatment for alzheimersBiological and EcologicalGroup
OffalySt. Brendan’s Community SchoolIs Social Media Destroying Political DemocracySocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
RoscommonScoil Mhuire StrokestownGreen Chemistry! How Green is Leaving Certificate Chemistry.Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
RoscommonScoil Mhuire gan SmálAn investigation into localised bacterial contamination (and hence possible Coronavirus) using an FSD UV Glowbag kit and its limitationsBiological and EcologicalGroup
RoscommonScoil Mhuire gan SmálAn investigation into the physical skill level of Fifa-18 players to show if one can excel in soccer using the R-statistical package.Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
RoscommonC.B.S. RoscommonHow Coniferous Forests affect Water Quality in the River Suck, Co. Roscommon.Biological and EcologicalGroup
RoscommonScoil Mhuire gan SmálThe Correlation between the use of Fitness Trackers and their effects on our Mental Health/Wellbeing effects onSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
RoscommonC.B.S. RoscommonThe effects of different types of face masks on “Maskne”Biological and EcologicalGroup
RoscommonScoil Mhuire gan Smál‘It’s the small things- An Investigation into the division of Emotional Labour in the home and suggestions on how gender imbalances can be rectified’.Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
RoscommonScoil Mhuire StrokestownInvestigating the attitudes and awareness of digital rights among people in our school communitySocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
RoscommonC.B.S. RoscommonComparing filtered and unfiltered waterChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
RoscommonScoil Mhuire StrokestownLet’s Make a Deal! a statistical analysis of the Monty Hall DilemmaChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
RoscommonCastlerea Community SchoolThe Impact Of Covid-19 On The Lives Of People In Our School CommunitySocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
SligoUrsuline CollegeThe Anti-Vaxxer VirusSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
SligoUrsuline College Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
SligoUrsuline CollegeThe Medicate ProjectTechnologyGroup
SligoUrsuline CollegeExamining the bio-availability of medicinal drugs and vitamins from transdermal patchesChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
SligoUrsuline CollegeFire, or fire drill? An alarm that clears up confusionTechnologyGroup
SligoSligo Grammar SchoolAn Investigation into the Juxtaposition of Society’s Clashing Views on the Mental Health of the YouthSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
SligoUrsuline CollegeIt only takes 15 secondsTechnologyGroup
SligoJesus & Mary Secondary SchoolAn Experiment to Investigate the Effects of Different Temperatures on Magnets in an Eddy CurrentChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
SligoSligo Grammar SchoolTap TechTechnologyGroup
SligoSligo Grammar SchoolHausTechnologyGroup
SligoUrsuline CollegeGlossophobia : Finding Your AudienceSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
SligoMercy CollegeFruit Fly RepellantBiological and EcologicalGroup
SligoSummerhill CollegeAn analysis of fire service statistics since 2005Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
SligoSummerhill CollegeExercising In A Lockdown – How The Digital Age Can Assist Teenagers To Exercise During A Pandemic LockdownSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
TipperarySt. Joseph’s C.B.SEmotions Felt By Teenage Boys During Covid-19 Lockdown. An Irish PerspectiveSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
TipperaryPresentation Secondary SchoolAn Analytical training aid system designed to improve performance in golfTechnologyIndividual
TipperaryPatrician PresentationCan using sheep’s wool combat Climate Change?Biological and EcologicalIndividual
TipperaryC.B.S. ThurlesA device using Arduino that will prevent young kids and pets from heatstroke in a carTechnologyGroup
TipperaryLoreto Secondary SchoolmaskteriaBiological and EcologicalGroup
TipperaryC.B.S. ThurlesTo produce and evaluate the effectiveness of an organic fertilizer using household food wasteBiological and EcologicalGroup
TipperaryLoreto Secondary SchoolThe Development of Fake Tan On Our SkinChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
TipperaryLoreto Secondary SchoolWhich brand of toothpaste is the most effective at removing plaque?Biological and EcologicalGroup
TipperaryThe Abbey School“Assessing the impact of Second-Level education on key aspects of adolescents’ life and development”Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
TipperaryThe Abbey SchoolThe effects on lower joints from playing soccer on an astro turf surfaceBiological and EcologicalIndividual
TipperaryColáiste Mhuire Co-EdCould social media be making you socially distant? An investigation into how our use of phones has caused us to become less social.Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
TipperaryLoreto Secondary SchoolPrevention of hand cramps in studentsBiological and EcologicalGroup
TipperaryBorrisokane Community CollegeCan the stars tell you who you are?Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
TipperarySt Joseph’s CollegeShould Diesel Powered Tractors be Converted to Electric Power?TechnologyGroup
TipperaryCistercian CollegeBamboo vs ash hurleysChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
TipperarySt. Anne’s Secondary SchoolA Spatial Analysis of Light Pollution and its effects in Tipperary town and the Rural Environment.Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
TipperarySt. Anne’s Secondary SchoolAn Investigation into the Forces which affect the Safe Motion of Automotive Vehicles on Bends and Roundabouts on Irish National Roads.Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
TipperarySt. Anne’s Secondary SchoolDoes Health Literacy (HL) Influence Physical Literacy (PL)Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
TipperarySt. Anne’s Secondary SchoolWhich drink is the most effective in cellular hydration?Biological and EcologicalGroup
TipperarySt. Anne’s Secondary SchoolAn Investigation into the effectiveness of Copper Door Handles in Hospitals, Schools and Care Homes as an Infection Control Measure.Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
TipperaryColáiste Mhuire Co-EdGive Me That ENERGY! A Wellbeing App For Young PeopleTechnologyGroup
TipperarySt. Anne’s Secondary SchoolAn Investigation into the Existence of a Correlation between Student and Parent Attitude to Maths, and the Impact on their resilience.Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
TipperarySt. Anne’s Secondary SchoolIs Bracken Fern a problem in Ireland?Biological and EcologicalGroup
TipperarySt. Anne’s Secondary SchoolAre Wetlands the best Flood Prevention Scheme?Biological and EcologicalGroup
TipperaryThe Abbey SchoolThe Impact of Robotic Assistance on Farms has on Mental Health and Animal WelfareSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
TipperaryLoreto Secondary SchoolCafé De ProteinSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
TipperaryCistercian CollegeWhich face covering is more effectiveChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
TipperaryCistercian CollegeWhich tennis racket is most efficient?Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
TipperaryLoreto Secondary SchoolMaintaining an “UltraWide” DistanceTechnologyIndividual
TipperaryPresentation Secondary School🎶That’s a Moiré!🎶Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
TipperaryRockwell CollegeA statistical analysis of the influence of canvassing on voters voting decisions in the 2020 general electionSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
TipperaryCashel Community SchoolThe knock on effectSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
TipperaryLoreto Secondary SchoolTo Find What Protease In Food Breaks Down Meat the FastestBiological and EcologicalGroup
TipperaryLoreto Secondary SchoolThe New Norm for the MartSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
TipperaryLoreto Secondary Schoolcontact tracing through QR codesSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
TipperaryC.B.S. ThurlesComparing ash Hurley with fibre glass hurlerys and bamboo hurlersChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
TyroneSt Joseph’s GSThe Cosy CompacterTechnologyIndividual
TyroneSt Patrick’s CollegeA sensory cube for SEN children.TechnologyGroup
TyroneSt Patrick’s CollegeDoes reaction time slow with age? If so, when?Biological and EcologicalIndividual
TyroneSt Ciaran’s High SchoolThe Scientific Study of DreamsSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
WaterfordAbbey Community CollegeAn investigation into the optimization of telegraph poles.Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
WaterfordSt Angela’sDoes the racial inequalities in our society cause resentment in young adolescent Irish teens?Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
WaterfordBlackwater Community SchoolA statistical analysis of student’s school experiences with intellectual disabilities vs non-intellectual disabilities.Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
WaterfordArd Scoil Na MaraWas Granny right ? Can Copper based Electrochemistry offer a Safe Plant Specific Herbicidal Solution, to Control Invasive PlantTechnologyIndividual
WaterfordBlackwater Community Schoolwind turbineTechnologyIndividual
WaterfordOur Lady Of Mercy Secondary SchoolInvestigation into the relationship between the temperature of a liquid and the sound it makesChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
WestmeathColaiste MhuireP.A.S.S.T – Pedestrian Alert Safety System for TramsTechnologyGroup
WestmeathMarist CollegeUsing SIR Modelling To Predict The Spread Of COVID-19Chemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
WestmeathMarist CollegeAre there benefits to training in bare feet?Biological and EcologicalIndividual
WestmeathMarist CollegeWill Several Different Levels of Exercise Effect Your Reaction TimeChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
WestmeathOur Lady’s BowerThe Last Straw! The impact of microplastics on our inland lakes.Biological and EcologicalIndividual
WestmeathMoate Community SchoolWool – Savior of Our SeaBiological and EcologicalGroup
WestmeathMoate Community SchoolStop milk spoilage; start seeing changesBiological and EcologicalGroup
WestmeathMoate Community SchoolSuperfoods and their Effects on DiabetesBiological and EcologicalGroup
WestmeathMoate Community SchoolThe Bird Feeder Infection ProblemBiological and EcologicalGroup
WestmeathAthlone Community CollegeAn App to Co-ordinate your Awareness and Knowledge of your Locality.TechnologyGroup
WestmeathAthlone Community CollegeA statistical analysis to explore family roles within the context of gender, age and well-being during covid-19Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
WestmeathMoate Community SchoolAn Statistical Analysis of the Covid-19 on the Irish DietSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
WestmeathMoate Community SchoolAn Investigation on the Impact of Diet on the Prevalence of Laminitis among Connemara PoniesBiological and EcologicalGroup
WestmeathCastlepollard Community CollegeThe Wide AwakeTechnologyIndividual
WestmeathAthlone Community CollegeFitn€$$: An App to provide Financial Incentives for Inactive Kids.TechnologyIndividual
WestmeathMoate Community SchoolIroning out the Water Quality Issues on Irish Pig FarmsChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesGroup
WestmeathOur Lady’s Bowerto investigate the potential of loam energy as a renewable energy sourceTechnologyGroup
WestmeathMoate Community SchoolThe Impact of Drainage on the Macroinvertebrate Population in Bog PoolsBiological and EcologicalGroup
WestmeathMoate Community SchoolThe Future Is Bright: Turning Organic Waste Into BiofuelBiological and EcologicalGroup
WestmeathAthlone Community CollegeHow we can better integrate technology into the Irish Education System in light of the Covid-19 pandemicSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
WestmeathAthlone Community CollegeInjuries in adolescents – a biomechanical studyBiological and EcologicalGroup
WestmeathAthlone Community CollegeTo Analyse Students Thoughts On Predicted GradingSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
WestmeathAthlone Community CollegeThe Effectiveness Of Healthy Nutritious Foods Being Served In Second Level Schools To Create Healthy Habits A Quantitative AnalysisSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
WestmeathAthlone Community CollegeAnalysis of the ability of music to create immersion In VideogamesSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
WestmeathAthlone Community CollegeA new way forward? Is online school as effective as traditional school?Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
WestmeathAthlone Community CollegeWhat Are We Recycing?Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
WestmeathAthlone Community College‘I Hear Everything’ – An investigation into the lack of knowledge and inclusion of Sensory Processing Disorder in societySocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
WestmeathAthlone Community Collegegamers’ wins vs gamers’ lossesSocial and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
WestmeathOur Lady’s BowerBlooming Good AlgaeBiological and EcologicalIndividual
WestmeathColaiste MhuireCommunicAID: A mobile application to assist in the virtualisation of the medical sector and streamlining of patient specialist relationsTechnologyIndividual
WestmeathAthlone Community CollegeHow is your Child Feeling: A Study of the Mental Wellbeing of Pre-School Childen.Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
WestmeathAthlone Community CollegeSOCIAL MEDIA: a shattered body image; Is social media and ‘diet culture’ influencing a new wave of disordered eatingSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
WestmeathSt Joseph’s Secondary SchoolEnvironmentally friendly way of drying off cowsBiological and EcologicalGroup
WestmeathAthlone Community CollegeToo Fit, Too Healthy, Too SuddenBiological and EcologicalGroup
WestmeathAthlone Community CollegeThe Mind Of A SchizophrenicSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
WexfordVocational College BunclodyReal-time analysis of the effect of lockdown on post primary students in a DEIS school.Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
WexfordMeanscoil GharmanAn bhfuil an Ghaeilge á galldú ag Gaelcholáistí na tíre seo?Social and Behavioural SciencesIndividual
WicklowSt Marys CollegePredicted grades, Friend or Foe?Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup
WicklowSt Marys CollegeIs Ireland in the ‘Dark Ages’ in regards to forensics and is there anything we can do about itSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
WicklowSt Marys CollegeInvestigating the Indoor ‘Silent Killers’ during the Pandemic!Biological and EcologicalGroup
WicklowSEK Dublin International SchoolSafe Haven – a technology solution for social distancing measures in public placesTechnologyIndividual
WicklowSt Kevin’s Community CollegeNettles – the sustainable solution to fast fashionChemical, Physical & Mathematical SciencesIndividual
WicklowPresentation College“S.O.S- Save Our Sheep”Tracking systemTechnologyGroup
WicklowSt Gerard’sUsing NFC technology on medical/ID braceletsTechnologyGroup
WicklowColaiste Chraobh AbhannGirls Participation In SportsSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
WicklowWoodbrook CollegeMixed VS single Sex PE LessonsSocial and Behavioural SciencesGroup
WicklowSt Marys CollegeNutrient recycling efficiency using bio-based organic fertilisers.Biological and EcologicalIndividual
WicklowDominican CollegeReady steady learn !Social and Behavioural SciencesGroup