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Special Awards

The information listed in this section is relevant to the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 2024 and will be constantly updated with information

ABP Food Group

This award is for Farm Sustainability and will be made to the project that has practical use on a farm which is innovative and is proven by testing. The project could be one to have a direct impact on one of the following areas: slurry gases, fall prevention, protection from cattle or machinery. Use of SMART technology could also be taken in consideration.


AMD is delighted to present an award for the project that best demonstrates outstanding innovation in the field of technology. The award celebrates students who have showcased exceptional creativity, technical skills, and the ability to push the boundaries of technological advancements. The project can relate to any sector or topic including the environment, healthcare, artificial intelligence, gaming, robotics and beyond.

Atlantic Technological University (ATU)

The award is presented to the project that that has developed, showcases the use of or has researched the benefits of a new emerging technology in learning and education. The technology should have the potential to be more widely adopted and applied and may include, among others, the use of AI, AR, 3D and wearable technologies.


The award is presented to the best Northern Ireland project.

COMREG – Commission for Communications Regulation

The ComReg award will be presented to the project which provides the most innovative application of technology in radio communications.

The Central Statistics Office

The Central Statistics Office is delighted to sponsor an award that will encourage young people to use open data. Exploring the potential value of growing access to open data is one of the challenges of our information society. This award is for the most innovative use, or potential use, of CSO data. The application of open data may be varied: Statistical analyses, statistical processes or statistical outputs, be they scientific or mathematical, a piece of research, a visualisation or a data map, the development of a device, a software application or the use of CSO data in any other innovative way. Whatever way students use our data, the CSO is excited to see your open data projects.

Department of Education

The Department of Education would like to present an award for the best ESD project.

Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine

DAFM would like to present an award for a science project that has the strongest potential to aid food safety and/or animal and plant health.


This award will be presented to the project deemed best in the Irish language.

Eli Lilly

The Eli Lilly prize will be awarded to the best overall project for its Chemistry or Biotechnology content.

Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA award is for the best environmental project. The project’s results should demonstrate a contribution to the protection and improvement of the environment.

Food Safety Authority Ireland

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland award will be presented to the project that shows the best potential to protect the health of consumers in the area of food safety.

Geological Survey of Ireland

The award will be given to the project that best demonstrates the use of geological data. Collecting and interpreting geological data should form the substantive part of the project, which can have a geographical or a technological context. The candidate will be expected to reference geological maps and texts to support their arguments. The candidate should demonstrate some of the following: An understanding of the geological basis of landscape. An understanding of geological processes. A holistic view of the environment, particularly in the context of geoscience heritage and/or resource issues. Note that Geological maps and information are available over the web via Geological Survey Ireland’s website,

HEAnet (2024)

The project which shows the most practical and innovative use of network technology in performing background research for the project and/or collaborating with other team members, teachers etc.

Housing Agency

The Housing Agency Special Award winner will have demonstrated the most potential to improve housing quality, supply, access or experience.  It should highlight how important housing is for everyone. We are looking for a project that is well thought-out and well executed, that is innovative and has the potential to have a real impact on people’s housing and quality of life.

Health Research Board

The Health Research Board (HRB) is Ireland’s lead funding agency supporting innovative health and social
care research and delivering data and evidence that improves people’s health and patient care. We are
committed to putting people first, and ensuring that data and evidence are used in policy and practice to
overcome health challenges, advance health systems, and benefit society and the economy.


The ie award will be presented to the project that has provided insight into an area of key importance to the Irish Online Community. These areas include topics such as search engines, online privacy issues, social media or online education.

Institute of Physics

The Institute of Physics Award is to be presented to the project with the best physics content, which can be in areas as diverse as energy, astronomy, environment, atmospheric science and materials.

Intellectual Property office of Ireland

Award will be made to the student or group of students whose project best exhibits the innovative use or application of technology by the demonstration of either a physical product or process.

Irish Research Council

The Irish Research Council Award is to be presented to the project that best combines two or more branches of science, or a branch of science with branches of the social sciences and humanities.


The project that can best be applied to the teaching and learning of Leaving Certificate Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Jack Restan displays

This Award is for the project which presents the concepts, details, images, research findings etc. in the most clear, interesting and professional manner. All presentation methods, whether printed, screen-based or other, will be considered equally.

Met Éireann

The Met Éireann Award will be given to the student or students who produce the best project in the fields of meteorology, hydrology or atmospheric science.

Topics could include: observations; modelling; instrumentation; relevant data science and IT solutions or mathematical algorithms.

Meta Platforms Ireland

The Meta Award will be presented to the project that demonstrates the best use of immersive technology and innovation. The project may utilise Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), Game Development, Realtime or Virtual Production to enhance, or provide insight into, a users experience.

National Disability Authority

The National Disability Authority Award will be presented to the student(s) whose project most clearly demonstrates (through both display presentation and their discussions with judges) how the outcomes of their project would:

a) have significant impacts and benefits for people with physical, sensory or cognitive disabilities in Ireland to overcome a barrier or difficulty and enable them to have more choice and control in their lives
b) introduce a new universally designed product or service or space that can be used by all people to the greatest extent possible regardless of their age, size, ability or disability.

The NDA particularly encourages use of a co-design process to ensure participation by people with disabilities and presentation of convincing data and results to show that their project is innovative and has the potential to be scaled up and have wide application.

National Water Forum

The National Water Forum will present this award to the most Innovative project and research on water and aquatic ecosystem and their management to protect and restore the quality of surface water bodies, our coastal waters and groundwater resources

The Ombudsman for Children’s Award

The Ombudsman for Children recognises achievements in promoting the rights and welfare of children. The winner’s project should raise awareness of an issue impacting children, or amplify children’s voices. The award is based on principles of equality, respect, and inclusivity.


This award is presented to the project that the judges feel will represent Ireland best at ISEF in May 2023 and that demonstrates a passion for using science for good, an exceptional understanding of science concepts, perseverance and flexibility.

Road Safety Authority

The RSA Special Award project winner will have demonstrated that they have researched their project thoroughly and that they have shown that their invention/research initiative can be shown to make a difference and also that it could have the potential to reduce road fatalities on Irish roads. Any entry to the The RSA Special Award project winner will have demonstrated that they have researched their project thoroughly and that they have shown that their invention/research initiative can be shown to make a difference and also that it could have the potential to reduce road fatalities on Irish roads.

Science Foundation of Ireland

Science Foundation Ireland would like this award to be made to the students that have best described (through both their poster and their discussions with judges) how the outcomes of their project would have significant impacts and benefits for people in Ireland. The winners will have: 1. Identified an issue or problem that is of critical importance to some or all of the people of Ireland, through exploring the findings of Creating our Future (see below). 2. Visualised a clear strategy for how their project will tackle this issue or problem. 3. Demonstrated that they understand the challenges that would be faced in order for their project to succeed and have significant impacts. 4. Presented convincing data and results to show that their strategy has the potential to succeed. Creating our Future sought to understand what challenges and opportunities the people of Ireland experience in their lives. It created a conversation on how research can play a role in addressing challenges and seizing opportunities.

Over 18,000 submissions were received, analysed and synthesised into 16 thematic areas. The response demonstrated that the people of Ireland want their voice to be heard and that they have confidence in the promise and potential of research to transform lives and create sustainable societies.

A database of all of the submission has been created and is available at It contains the voice of the public. It is their ideas for what should be investigated to address the challenges we face and the opportunities we should seize. The ideas have been made public so that they may spark a research or project question.

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI)

For the project that demonstrates the best potential to contribute to understanding and delivering Ireland’s sustainable energy transition ambitions. For example, this could be in the areas of energy efficient technology, renewable energy opportunities, consumer behaviour, data science, mobilising societal change.

Self Help Africa

The winning project of the Science for Development award should: 1. Show a clear understanding of the causes of poverty, injustice and inequality in a Global South context and a willingness to learn more (Issues could include: Food and livelihood security; climate change and the environment (e.g. deforestation, clean water and sanitation, fertile soil, soil erosion, fishery, energy, air quality, pollution); gender equality; appropriate technology; access to education; health issues e.g. e.g. HIV/AIDS, Ebola, Covid, TB, maternal/child health, etc.). 2. Use appropriate and sustainable technology, solutions and/or materials that can be adopted and implemented at local community level in the Global South. 3. Demonstrate a clear understanding of the local context, target audience and needs, which the project is designed for. 4. Demonstrate an understanding of the connections between the local (Ireland) and the global level in relation to the chosen development issue and project, as well as an understanding of a partnership approach to development.

Stripe Software Award

Stripe software award is presented to the project with the most ambitious use of software in enabling a device or creating a service which will likely have a significant economic and/or social impact when deployed at scale.

Tackle Your Feelings

Presented to the project that highlights the need for positive mental health interventions in theirs or their local communities and propose or exemplify unique ways of sharing positive mental health information with members of this community.


The Teagasc prize will be awarded to the project that best demonstrates a thorough understanding of the science of agricultural or food production, or the use of science to improve technologies available to agricultural or food production.

TII / eFlow

eFlow are sponsoring this award for student(s) who produce the best project in the field of transport. The project should demonstrate an understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the transport sector, incorporating any of the following themes: sustainable mobility, innovation in transport, climate action, technology, community engagement, equity, and accessibility. eFlow operates the barrier-free tolling systems on Dublin’s M50 motorway on behalf of Transport Infrastructure Ireland.

Williams Lea

Williams Lea Ireland, part of the Williams Lea Group, is proud to sponsor the special award for the project that demonstrates the best use of graphic design in both the display presentation and the project report book.

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