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Spectacular Science and Technology Extravaganza Gets Underway Today

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Spectacular Science and Technology Extravaganza Gets Underway Today

–  Host of Amazing Attractions for all the Family to See

Tuesday, 12th January 2010: Students from across 32 counties are descending on the RDS in Dublin today and tomorrow to set up their stands for the 46th BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition.  Dublin schools arrive today to put the finishing touches to their stands, while competing schools from the rest of the island will arrive tomorrow before the first round of judging takes place from 2.30pm.

A host of special acts, attractions and exhibits from Ireland and overseas are also busy setting up in the RDS today as they prepare to delight the thousands of visitors who are expected to come through the doors between Thursday and Saturday.

Chris Clark, CEO, BT said “After one of the most brutal years for many years and with a tough start to 2010 due to the snow, what better way to get 2010 back on track by being inspired by the young leaders of the future.”

We have 514 stands to visit and the breadth of the research by students is astounding.  Among them are plenty of innovative ideas that could potentially be turned into the next big commercial success so who knows, we may discover the next Google this week.”

We are conscious that some areas of the country continue to be affected by poor weather conditions, so we are urging those travelling to and from the RDS to do so with extreme care,” he added.

In addition to the extensive line up of projects, there will be five exhibition halls featuring exhibitors and special acts that will make this a memorable event for all students, guests and visitors.  These include:

The BT Arena

Team Extreme, the UK’s largest extreme sports display team, will be bringing their skills with incredible BMX flatland displays. Sam Foakes, 2008 world flatland champion and Effraim Catlow, one of the UK’s top riders, will be in attendance at the BT Arena, putting their bikes through the paces and performing tricks you would never have thought physically possible!

Flatland is the ultimate in bike control and by far the hardest discipline to master in BMX. It can be likened to breakdancing, with the rider contorting the bike around their body while balancing, spinning or rolling. It’s distinct from other styles of BMX, being based on the ground rather than on ramps, with an emphasis on creativity, style and originality. Many riders opt to ride without brakes on their bikes to demonstrate true bike control as they link and mix tricks together.

Bending it Like Beckham
Some people may think David Beckham isn’t very intelligent. This show proves that he is, in fact, a scientific genius! Combining footage of his most famous free kick, with computer simulations and live demonstrations make this is a show like no other.  The show will appeal to all ages and can even be enjoyed by those who don’t think they like soccer. Learn how the stars use science to help them do what they do. Galileo, Newton and Coanda might not be as famous as Duff, Keane and Given but knowing about their science is essential if you want to bend the ball like David Beckham.

W5 – Amazing Experiments
are you ready to be amazed? Let us show you some of the coolest experiments known to science in this highly interactive 30 minute show. Hold on to your hats as we shoot smoke rings into the audience, make ink disappear with the aid of a fire extinguisher, shoot rockets into the air and blow things up!

The World of Science & Technology

BT’s ‘Learning Technology for the 21st Century‘ stand provides an opportunity for parents, teachers, students and others to see and understand the potential benefits that come from the new connected technology world of learning – in the ‘Learning Classroom’, the ‘Learning Office’ and the ‘Learning Home’. BT has worked together with Cisco, IBM, SMART Technologies, C2k and wholeschool.tv to demonstrate the latest learning technology in action.

In the Learning Classroom, we show how teachers and students use laptops to support learning tasks and experiences.  For widescreen presentation and interactive instruction, a whiteboard is deployed.  A visualiser is used to magnify small objects of interest and to digitally record static or moving images.  A new smart table is shown for use as an interactive learning centre where the table’s interface is so intuitive that even the youngest of students can get started without instructions.  Also presented is a personal computer housed in brightly coloured, kid-friendly furniture and equipped with educational software to help children learn and explore concepts in math, science and language.

In the Learning Office, teachers can see how curriculum management and teaching tasks can be coordinated and delivered in a more productive and flexible way, including remote interaction with students at home.

In the Learning Home, parents and students can see how distance learning can be facilitated and more interactive with broadband-enabled learning tools and experiences.  The access devices to these tools and experiences are blended seamlessly into the home environment and lifestyle.

3D Theatre

A Celestial extravaganza!
The Celestial Extravaganza show merges gaming technology with the latest 3D stereo animations from the European Southern Observatory to create a cosmic voyage of discovery. Along the way you will visit the planets of the Solar System, a myriad of beautiful and mysterious objects in the Milky Way galaxy and travel through space and back in time to observe the sheer scale and size of the universe.


Robot Rumble!
The Mechatrons are ready to battle it out again in the big top. Trapped in the (quite literally) bullet-proof Arena of Destruction, these heavyweight machines of mayhem will be fighting for survival with the deadliest of weapons to hand. Weighing in at 100Kg, travelling at up 40Kph and delivering blows of up to 200psi, these metal munchers are the meanest, toughest and most destructive battling robots to ever put wheels on Irish soil.  Watch the sparks fly as last year’s champion, Behemoth takes on Iron Awe with that full pressure flipper.  Will Diotoir or 4×4 uphold Ireland’s honour against the U.K.’s finest?

BT Big Ideas Pledge Wall

BT has set one of the most commercially challenging targets to reduce its worldwide CO2 emissions per unit of BT’s contribution to GDP by 80 per cent from 1996 levels, by 2020.

ICT is one of the few industries that can make a positive contribution in helping minimise the potentially harmful effects of climate change.  As a communications leader, BT seeks to encourage our young people to consider how ICT can help them in their daily lives, in particular, in education and learning.

Students and visitors to this year’s exhibition are encouraged to come and help shape their future with BT at the Big Ideas Pledge Wall.  By telling us their ideas for saving the environment from homework that you can do online, right through to something like using memory cards instead of school books.

There really is something for everyone to see and do at the RDS so bring the family along and enjoy! Prices remain the same as the 2009 exhibition with the exception of family tickets now reduced by €5 meaning two adults & 3 children are now €25; Students / concessions €6; Adults €12.

The BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 2010 takes place in the Main Hall, RDS, Dublin 4 from 12th – 16th January. Doors will open to the public from Thursday – Saturday inclusive. For more information visit www.btyoungscientist.com or call 1800 924 362.

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