1. All stands must be finished to an acceptable standard, No unfinished walls or partitions should be visible. Stands may not be designed or erected in such a ways as to disadvantage another exhibitor.
  2. Exhibitors not availing of the shell scheme package are required to submit a copy of the plan for their stand at least two weeks before the commencement of stand build-up. Please advise your exhibition contractor of this requirement.
  3. No signs, graphic panels, banners for other exhibits or display equipment may be fixed or attached to any part of the building. All displays must be freestanding or attached to an adequate display system or structure.
  4. Work on all stands must be completed by noon on Wednesday 11th of January 2017. No work, erection, decoration or wiring may be undertaken on stands once the exhibition is open as this will cause a Health and Safety Risk.
  5. Only fire retardant materials may be used in the construction of exhibition stands, All timber hardboard, plywood or similar materials must be rendered flame retardant by an acceptable method of impregnation and must have certificates to prove this. Fireproof certificates are also required for all stand-dressing materials such as drapes, furniture etc. Exhibitors are particularly reminded that foam or rubber back carpet is NOT permitted and the fire officers will only permit fire resistant carpet tiles and fire proofed carpet to be used in all exhibitions. All carpets and carpet tiles used on exhibition stands must have certificate to state that they conform to fireproof standards BS4790. Gas bottles are NOT permitted in the hall.
  6. Your attention is drawn to the performing rights changes imposed by IMRO on the playing of music or promotional videos with music sound tracks. See IMRO details towards the back of the Exhibitors manual.
  7. Excessive noise or loudspeakers are not permitted where these cause interference with other stands.
  8. Exhibitors are not permitted to hand out leaflets at the entrances or in the gangway spaces outside of their stand area, or to place leaflets on cars in the vicinity of the exhibition.
  9. We regret that the use of the Public Address System is restricted to emergency use and necessary show announcements.
  10. In the interest of security fire doors may not be used by exhibitors once the exhibition is in operation.
  11. Exhibitor badges should be worn at all times.
  12. Exhibitors should familiarise themselves with the location of emergency exits and fire fighting equipment within the hall. Please read the emergency procedures material, which will be included in your exhibitor’s kit, available from the organiser’s office during the build-up. All security risks should be reported to the organiser’s office.
  13. No food, beverage or confectionery may be sold from stands.