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The Primary Science Fair @BTYSTE

The Primary Science Fair will take place in person alongside the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 2025, from 8th  – 10th January 2024 at the RDS Dublin with the successful applicants exhibiting their project to the judges and members of the public on one of these three days.

For over 20 years, the Primary Science Fair has been a core component of BTYSTE.  It encourages 3rd to 6th class primary school students to develop their interest in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) in a non-competitive environment.  It also inspires them to become future participants in BTYSTE, one of the world’s leading and longest-running school science exhibitions.

The Rules – not too many!

This is not a competition, all schools will receive participation certs to distribute to their students and will also receive a plaque to say that they have been part of The Primary Science Fair at the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition 2025. Max number of pupils is 30 per project and where possible should be made up of a full class group For smaller schools multi grade classes can put a project forward and they should be a combination of 3rd to 6th class only. We may accept more than one project per school dependent on availability of spaces All ideas will go through a quick screening process which will be undertaken by judges from the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition as we may receive more applications than we can accept.


Have a full class discussion about areas of interest in their science learning. Ask them questions about what they want to do and how they want to do it, make sure they have as much fun as possible while learning and learning scientifically. Agree on the focus of your idea so that you can work on your idea. Always remember that the student have to produce a poster for The Primary Science Fair which they can use as a reference about their project and to talk about what steps they have taken in their explorations/investigations. All projects will be interviewed by some of the wonderful BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition Alumni and past winners and also some guest judges

Ethics and safety

Throughout their science investigations children should be aware of and encouraged to adopt safe practices. They should observe safety procedures in designing and making tasks, particularly when they are using tools and materials.

There should be a maximum of 8 students on a stand at any one time.

Please ensure that your students bring a minimum amount of bags with them as there will not be any cloakroom facility. Students should keep their bag with them at all times.

Contact Us

Primary science fair specific queries Email : with Primary Science Fair or PSF in the subject line.


When is the application deadline for Primary Science Fair 2025?

The deadline for entries to the Primary Science Fair will be in 30 October 2024.

How many qualified projects will be accepted this year?

We will be looking at approx. 60 projects to enter this year and these should come from full class groups in an individual school.  If the school has a small community then one or more classes can do a project together as long as there are no more than 30 students involved.  Students should be from 3rd-6th class. No more than 8 students should be on the stand at any one time for Health and Safety reasons.

How will judging for Primary Science Fair take place for 2025?

PSF judging will take place in person, with the judges for PSF interviewing the class.  The class will be asked to present a poster outlining details of their project,  final details of this will be sent to schools when we formally launch PSF @BTYSTE2025.

Will participating classes be able to present their project together virtually?

No, individual classes will need to present their projects on site at the RDS. 

Will the max number of students per project change for PSF 2025?

As we do each year, there will be a max of 30 students per project. No more than 8 students should be at the stand at any one time for Health and Safety reasons.

How will a participating class present their project for PSF 2025?

This class will present their project in person via posters or displays in their allocated stand area. No more than 8 students should be at the stand at any one time for Health and Safety reasons.

What dates will the Primary Science Fair take place in 2025?

The Primary Science Fair will take place on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th January 2025.

What are the categories that can be entered for the Primary Science Fair?

Projects can be entered under the one of the following four categories:

– Living Things – Human life, plant and animal life.

– Materials – properties and characteristics of materials; materials and change,

– Environmental Awareness and Care – environmental awareness; science and the environment; caring for the environment,

– Energy and Forces – light; sound; heat; magnetism and electricity; forces.

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