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The Primary Science Fair @BTYSTE

The Primary Science Fair will take place in person alongside the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 2024, from 11th  – 12th January 2024 at the RDS Dublin with the successful applicants exhibiting their project to the judges and members of the public on one of these three days.

For over 20 years, the Primary Science Fair has been a core component of BTYTSE.  It encourages 3rd to 6th class primary school students to develop their interest in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) in a non-competitive environment.  It also inspires them to become future participants in BTYSTE, one of the world’s leading and longest-running school science exhibitions.

Thursday 11th January 2024

School NameCountyProject TitleWhat is your project about?
Ballyhass NSCorkExploring Lunar Phases and their Impact on Sleep PatternsExploring Lunar Phases and their Impact on Sleep Patterns
Dulargy NSLouthDoes the type of liquid affect seed germinationWe will compare germination seeds using three liquids, ie water, milk and lucozade
St Colman's N.S. BallindagginWexfordI spy with my little eye .After exploring how the eye works the children will explore energy and light to make a pinhole camera.
Scoil Naomh Bríd, Ballyconnell, Co.CavanCavanHearing sound and when sound becomes a problem.Our starting point for this project was when one pupil posed the question "how do ears work?". What followed was a discussion on all manner of ears, human ears , animal ears, why we have two ears! how they work! Later in the week the whole school gathered for our Active Week "Take on the Teachers Challenge!" in the school hall whereby 5 a side soccer and basketball competitions with rolling subs take place. It got extremely noisy as cheers of the approximate 230 school population screamed and cheered on their respective teams. Our school includes three ASD classes and eight mainstream classes which comprise a sizeable number of children with ASD and others with sensory processing issues. Many children had their ears covered with their hands or with ear defenders and chose to leave and watch through the windows because of the noise levels. So this led to further discussion within our class regarding sound. we discussed how sound can be annoying and more so for some children than others. SO we have decided to do a broad project which will look at ears and how they work. We will research how sound can be enjoyable but also problematic especially in the context of our school community. We will research through survey which sounds are most annoying for children in our school, maybe why they are so annoying? We will also investigate which materials would make the best ear defenders for blocking out sound.
Clonown NSRoscommonWhy are Hedgerows important for Biodiversity and Agriculture?Please note our project also includes Environmental awareness and care. Our projects is about the purpose and importance of hedges for agriculture and biodiversity.
SN Colmcill NaofaKildareHow can chewing gum affect the body?The effect that chewing gum has on the body. Teachers all over the country ask children every day to stop chewing gum and to put it in the bin. After watching some of our favourite football players chewing gum, we were wondering why they do it and are there any scientific reasons why chewing gum can be beneficial for the body? Does it improve concentration? Does it have any other benefits?
Brierhill NSGalwayWhat makes the best ball launching machine?Cricket-inspired engineering challenge, they will build a machine using craft materials to launch a ball and knock down a target (called a wicket). All will start with the same kit consisting of lollipop sticks, elastic bands, duct tape, selloptape, glue, cardboard base, paper, small plastic cups-Goal: How many times can you knock down the wicket in three minutes. They will score their ptojects based on amount of materials used and how many successful knocks of wicket in the tonne limit.
S.N. na Maighdine MhuireKildareHow Does Prime Energy Effect Your Body?Prime Energy drinks are very popular in our age group. We want to find out how it effects our bodies.
S.N. na Maighdine MhuireKildareWhy Are Axolotls Endangered?Raising awareness of the threats to axolotls.
S.N. na Maighdine MhuireKildareSpiders, What Are They?I want to figure out what spiders are.
S.N. na Maighdine MhuireKildareAre Wasps Helpful?Wasps and if they are helpful or not.
Scoil San Treasa DublinPaper or Screen? Which is more effective, learning from a book or from a screen?Our project will explore if it is better to learn from a book or from a screen such as a chrome book?
Scoil San TreasaDublinYou have a healthy lunch but how healthy is your lunch box?How fit for use your lunch box really is.
Scoil BhrídeDublinInvestigating the value of homework. The project seeks to investigate whether homework has a positive or negative effect on primary school students' academic success as well as their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their families.
Cuan na Gaillimhe CNSGalwayLínte na Farraige - a more sustainable future Rising Sea Levels Climate Change Electric/Solar Cars
Kill'o the Grange National SchoolDublinAre plants fussy drinkers? Our project is going to look at plants and how we keep them alive by watering them on a regular basis. We would like to experiment to see if there are other alternatives to water, e.g. orange juice, milk or fizzy drinks and what affects they have on plants.
Barryroe NSCorkAn Investigation into Natural Fertilisers and their EffectivenessWe have introduced 6 raised beds into our school garden to increase biodiversity. We have also introduced wildflower areas and some trees and bushes to help the bee population. We want to fertilise our soil for the winter ahead and in the Spring and we want to test and use a variety of natural fertilisers.
St. Patrick's BNS, HollyparkDublinIs there an impact on learning depending on the type of school you attend?Is there any impact on learning outcomes depending on whether you go to a single-sex or co-ed school
Scoil Eoin BaisteDonegalHydration levels of drinksThe class are testing the hydration provided by a variety of so called energy drinks.
Derinagree NS, Derinagree, Mallow, Co. CorkCork'The Dance of the Honey Bee'- Fact or Fiction?Exploring the 'Beehaviour' of Honey Bees. Unlocking the secrets of the Honey Bee dance language.
St. Attracta's Senior National SchoolDublinAre diet fizzy drinks actually a healthier alternative?Are diet fizzy drinks actually a healthier alternative?
St. Attracta's Senior National SchoolDublinAre our clothes responsible for climate change?The impact fast fashion has on global warming. Are we as consumers more responsible than fashion company owners?
Knockmore SchoolDublinExtend the shelf life of our EGGcellent homebred hen egg naturally Last year we incubated, hatched and raised four healthy hen chicks in our classroom. Now, thanks to the natural life cycle, we face a new challenge .. How do we preserve the eggs laid in a natural way so as to extend shelf life?
Holy Family SNSDublinDoes having older siblings give you a higher percentage of being an elite athlete?We are researching the possibility of having a better chance of being an elite athlete if you had older siblings compared to having younger/no siblings.
St. Kilian's SNSDublinCan You Really Forecast the Weather?Inspired by Storm Agnes, we decided that we would look at how accurate weather forecasts really are. We will look at the topic of weather from a scientific, geographic and historic perspective and summarise what the best way to predict the weather is.
St Damian's NSDublinHuman vs AI: Can you tell the difference?Artificial Intelligence Large Language Models
St Damian's NSDublinHuman vs AIHumans vs AI
St. Joseph's Girls National School ClonakiltyCork' We all love to smile, so we are putting some drinks on trial'What drinks effect our teeth the most, we have collected real teeth both from the children in our class and from the local dentist, we are going to test the effects of 5 different drinks on the teeth over a period of time including some new drinks that have recently been put on the market. We will use eggs also to back up our findings on the real teeth we have collected.
St. Joseph's Girls Primary School ClonakiltyCorkGerm Hotspots in Our SchoolFinding out where the germ hotspots are in our school, out of 5/6 predicted surfaces, which one is the germiest? Children will wear gloves to carry out experiment, they will use slices of bread and rub these on each chosen surface (ipad, banister, door handles, bathroom, etc). They will then place each piece of bread into a zip-lock bag and leave for a week, they will analysis and record their results.
Dun Laoghaire ETNSDublinBeautiful, inside and outThe students created edible lip glosses and lip scrubs.
Dun Laoghaire ETNSDublinSnake CannibalismInvestigating the phenomenon of snakes eating both themselves and others
Dun Laoghaire ETNSDublinBooks vs Screens How society has moved away from books to screens and the impact of addiction caused by the release of dopamine from screen time.
Dun Laoghaire ETNSDublinWhy is diet coke and baking soda more explosive than coke and mentos?The effectiveness of diet coke and baking soda in comparison to coke and mentos.
Dun Laoghaire ETNS DublinHow do birds find their way when migrating?How birds find their way when migrating.
Dun Laoghaire ETNSDublinHow to make an explosion 101Investigating various ways to make an explosion
Dun Laoghaire ETNSDublinHow long does the average human live for?The impact of diet and food security on the average life plan of a human
Dun Laoghaire ETNSDublinThe Wood Wide WebInvestigating how trees communicate with other trees through their root system
Dun Laoghaire ETNSDublinCars vs BikesWhy people choose to cycle to school instead of drive and the impact it has on the environment
Dun Laoghaire ETNSDublinDo animals have thoughts and feelings?Exploring how animals communicate thoughts and feelings
Goggins Hill National SchoolCorkGOGGINS HILL TAKING OFF: A project on Cork AirportOur project will involve constructing an airport and runway similar to Cork Airport. We see airplanes fly near our school daily as our school is located near Cork Airport, therefore, this is the inspiration behind our project. We intend to learn about the physics of flight and aviation through thorough research and investigation.
Knockanes Mxd National SchoolKerryDoes Climate change mean we have to change our Summer holidays?Due to climate change our weather is changing dramatically each year. We are looking at how the different weather types (e.g Sunny, Raining) affects our motivation/attitudes towards learning and school. We will track changes in weather during the months of June, July, August and September to see whether our school holidays should be changed to start and end later or earlier in the year to take advantage of the most efficient weather conditions for learning. he Children noticed that we got some of the best weather of their entire year in September, when they were back to school. They were frustrated that the weather was wet and miserable all summer and as soon as they go back to school the sun shines. The made the connection also that they found it harder to concentrate when it was sunny outside. One child suggested we should move our summer holidays to be off in september when the weather is sunny and from their our BT young scientist project was born!
Scoil Muire LourdesCarlowLights Camera SatisfactionOur project will explore the concept of why we find things satisfying. Why do we enjoy slime and cloud dough, what makes sensory videos so satisfying to watch? Which of our senses contribute to our feeling of satisfaction from these items.
Moyderwell MercyKerryHouse of the Future - A Dream or a Reality for all?House of the Future - A Dream or a Reality for all?
St. Joseph's NSMayoTo Treat or not to Treat - That is the QuestionUsing an Integrated Pest Management approach for treating 'Varroa Destructor' in honeybees
Dulargy N.S.LouthAn investigation into factors that affect the dispersal distance of Helicopter seedsInvestigating factors that affect the distance helicopter seeds will travel e.g. length of wing, symmetry.

Friday 12th January 2024

School NameCountyProject TitleWhat is your project about?
St.Mary's College Junior School DublinHow can we make vegetables taste nicer? Our project will be about how can we make vegetables taste better. We will be trying a variety of methods including, blending, combining, mixing and changing texture to see if that has a positive effect.
St. Vincent de Paul Girls' SchoolDublinCan our sense of smell trick our sense of taste? Our project will investigate if our sense of smell can override our sense of taste. There will be particular focus on the science behind `Air Up` bottles and how they trick us into 'tasting' different flavours when we are only drinking water.
Scoil na LeanaíWaterfordCois mara sa RinnDeis a thabhairt do na scoláirí na plandaí, na hainmhithe, an fheamain agus créatúir uile a mhaireann ar an gcladach taobh linn sa scoil a iniúchadh.
S N Moin RuadhKilkennyEat well for your microbiome Our project is about:Nutrition. Investigating why it is important to eat well for our health by investigating studies carried out in this area and by talking to experts in Ireland about their findings. Learning about gut health and the microbiome. Creating an awareness of good and bad food choices . Educating children and their families about healthy food and their microbiome. Teaching children how to cook healthy recipies and eating them.Giving children the opportunity to try out different healthy food ie porridge with seeds instead of sugary cereal,flapjacks with gogi berries and dark chocolate instead of sugar.Feeding the microbiome ,give the good bugs what they need!
Glenville National SchoolCorkThe impact of pollution on humans & animalsThe children will carry out a survey in their local community to examine if pollution is a real issue in their area. They will visit sites in the area and participate in a community clean up. Children will carry out various investigations to examine the biodegradability of materials. They will look at how farming methods are impacting on the environment and carry out a survey with local farmers. Children will carry out simple soil experiments, oil spillage experiment, watering plants with acid rain, experiments to model pollution uptake by plants using celery and will experiment with polluted jars. All findings and experiments will be shared with all members of the school community.
St Pius X BNS TerenureDublinHow Magnets Can improve our Future.How do magnets help us in everyday life and how they will help us in the future.
Avoca N.S.WicklowDo you Taste with your Eyes?We will explore how taste buds detect flavours and also our sense of sight. We will see how we can associate colours with flavours.
Derrylamogue National SchoolLaoisThe Effects of Exercise on our Body Systems.Body Systems
Our Lady of the Wayside NS, KilternanDublinAre Fingerprint Patterns Inherited?We have two sets of twins in our class so we were very interested to investigate if fingerprints were genetically linked. We were curious if the twins in our class would have similar fingerprint patterns. We will be learning about fingerprints and classifying them. We will be investigating if fingerprint patterns are inherited and if there would be a greater correlation to any one particular family member such as siblings, parents or grandparents.
Kilkenny School ProjectKilkennyHow do different conditions affect the growth of plants?Our project investigates the impact that a variety of different conditions (light, food, water) can have on the growth of simple plants.
Scoil Choilm Community National SchoolDublinA Comparative Sugar Content Study of Supermarket Own Brand Breakfast Cereals Sugar Content in Supermarket own brand Breakfast Cereals
St Brigid's N.SWicklowHow Does Fizzy Drinks Affect Our TeethOur project looks at the damage that is caused by various fizzy drinks to our teeth using eggs to represent our teeth.
Gaelscoil LongfoirtLongfordConas a obríonn na tonta? / How do waves work?As a class we will investigate what makes waves, what moves the tides, and what tsunami's are.
Annagh Hill NSGalwayMothematiciansHelping the moth population survive due to their value as pollinators and a food source for other species, thus preventing biodiversity loss.
Lycee Francais International Samuel BeckettDublinHow to create a healthy sports drinkOur project is about healthy food and drinks, especially for athletes in the Olympic Games 2024
Pope John Paul II N.S.DublinCan wearable technology such as a Smart Watch or FitBit improve children's health and well-being?Our project is about the possible benefits there are to children's health and well-being from wearing devices such as a Smart Watch or FitBit.
Pope John Paul II N.S.DublinThe Five Second Rule: Fact or Fiction? Our project explores the well-known 'Five Second Rule' that people often quote when they drop a piece of food on the floor and whether this theory is true.
Pope John Paul II N.S.DublinEstuary Science: When Fresh Water Meets Sea WaterOur school is located right beside Malahide Estuary in North Co. Dublin and our project aims to explore the science of this unique, local ecosystem.
Pope John Paul II N.S.DublinEstuary Science: When Fresh Water Meets Salt WaterOur project is about how the human eye can identify and distinguish colours.
Pope John Paul II N.S.DublinThe Science of DronesOur project is about the science behind drones. We hope to explore drone engineering and how they fly. We intend on building and programming our drone to test.
Pope John Paul II N.S.DublinBattle of the Senses: Taste Versus SmellInspired by the latest 'Air Up' craze, our class decided to look at how our sense of smell and taste might be linked.
St. Brigid's Primary School KildareCan you grow seeds with sparkling water? A child-led inquiry into the effect that different types of water have on seed germination Our project is a pupil-led inquiry into Living Things. The pupils came up with researchable and testable questions on a range of areas within Living Things. We decided to explore how different types of water affect seed germination. We used rainwater, sparkling water, salt water, hot water and tap water. We also had to ensure fair testing procedures and documented our results and observations over a number of days.
Timoleague NSCorkWe want your wasteAn anaerobic digestor was recently established in our village. We want to investigate how it works and the importance of renewable energy.
St. Brigid's Primary School KildareAn investigation into the effects of different conditions on food decompositionWe are exploring the effect that different materials have on food preservation. We plan to use different substances to assess how they accelerate or prolong the food decaying process
Bunscoil Loreto GoreyWexfordRethink your drinkOur project investigates the impact of everyday drinks on our teeth.
Kilcoe NS CorkHow changes effect the ocean. Investigation on how different changes effect the ocean, ocean animals and us humans.
Bunscoil LoretoWexfordProgram a Sphero to Navigate a Simple Maze and Test the Best Material for Movement We are going to be using coding and programming to navigate spheros.
Bunscoil LoretoWexfordWhat is the best material for your winter coat? Insulators - What is the best material for a winter coat?
Bunscoil Loreto WexfordDoes physical activity aid our concentration in school? Exploring the affects of physical activity on our memory and concentration in school.
St. Michael's N.S. KillMeathThe Science of DogsCentring on the main topic of 'Dogs', we would undertake a series of experiments in relation to our canine friends, including using our new school 3D Printer to print a solar-powered robotic dog, is a dogs mouth cleaner than a humans (strong possibility of laboratory time in UCD Veterinary lab), can a dogs saliva kill bacteria, can dogs see colour, is a dog left or right pawed, do dogs understand English or do they just respond to human the tone of the voice he ,
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