The Primary Science Fair @BTYSTE

For the first time in its history, the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition (BTYSTE) will be an all-virtual event.

The Primary Science Fair has been an exciting part of the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition for over 15 years. We are delighted that the annual Primary Science Fair will also take place virtually alongside the exhibition but due to school closures will take place the 17th and 18th of May 2021 allowing those students in primary school with an interest in science and technology to be an integral part of one of the world’s leading and longest-running school science exhibitions

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Title of Project

What is your project about? (100 words max)

Scoil Naomh BrId Ballyconnell Cavan Robotics, friend or foe? The children will investigate how robotics have changed how businesses produce their products in Ireland. We will also look at how jobs that were previously done by humans are now done by robots. The children will also investigate other forms of A.I. relevant to them. The children will also get a chance to create their own robotic vehicles and instruments. They will also investigate the claim that 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t been invented yet.
Barryroe National School Cork Sensational Seaweed Our project sets out to explore uses and benefits of seaweed. We learned about seaweed in school and found it a very interesting topic as our school is situated in West Cork and close to lots of beaches, some within walking distance. We want to learn how seaweed can be used as it is a renewable and sustainable source and we believe it has great potential.
Boherbue NS Cork Mindful hearts We are conducting a study on the heart rate of 3 children in 6th class. We are investigating whether mindful meditation has an effect on our heart rate. We will be using a mindfulness based meditation program for the duration of 6 weeks. We will be practising mindful meditation 3 times a week for 6 weeks in total. The whole class will be taking part. We will be using a heart rate monitor to measure the heart rate of 3 pupils. We want to measure the changes in the heart rate of the 3 pupils before, during and after mindful meditation.
Cullen National School Cork What impact does pasteurization have on cows milk? The project is about cows milk and what pasteurization actually does to it. How does it change? What happens to it? How is it different to raw milk and which is better for the body. Does it lose some of its nutritional value when pasteurized.
Lisgriffin National School Cork Do darker colours really attract more heat? Our project is about colour and heat absorption. As a class, we wondered why people always say ‘darker colours attract more heat’. We were not really sure what this meant and when we asked our teacher we decided we wanted to investigate if this is true or not.
Timoleague National School Cork Building a Hugelkultur We are looking to build hügelkultur in our new Biodiversity Garden. This is a mound of various debris. Hugelkultur are no-dig raised beds with a difference. They hold moisture, build fertility, maximise surface volume and are great spaces for growing fruit, vegetables and herbs. It is a gardening technique where using wooden debris, used newspapers, leaves, grass clippings, straw, cardboard, manure, compost, top with soil we then plant our vegetables.
Bayside SNS Dublin Renewable energy powered car Our project is based on environmental renewable energy and how there are different ways to power a car. Even the electric cars, you can trace back how their power is made and eventually it becomes bad for the environment. With our car you can see where the energy is coming from. During the time you are not driving the car, it would charge from the sun. We don’t realise that there is so much energy at our fingertips. We could probably power most of the world with sunlight. Our car would be made from recycled materials also, as much as possible.
Scoil Mhuire, Mount Sackville Dublin How does my immune system work? With Covid-19 being part of life, our immune system is invaluable. How does it protect us? We will explore how we fight illnesses and why we don’t get certain diseases twice. How does a vaccine prevent a virus from attacking us? What does it mean to be immunosuppressed & what can be done about it? We will use models, experiments & analogies to demonstrate our findings & our research. We will make predictions and carry out surveys & transfer to graphs, along with interviewing a transplant recipient who is immunosuppressed as a result of taking anti- rejection medication.
Scoil San Treasa 1 Dublin Inside your head : What’s going on? Our project is a study of the different parts of the brain. Children will present the different parts of the brain and how they relate to various functions and behaviours.
Scoil San Treasa 2 Dublin How can we improve the quality of our life? This project will be about life expectancy and how we can improve the quality of our lives. Can we improve them physically and mentally. Can we do anything which will help us live longer?
St. Kilian’s S.N.S. Dublin Can we turn summer clothes into winter clothes? We will be investigating whether we can reuse recycled materials to turn old summer clothes into new winter clothes. We will test materials to see how well they can insulate and then we will design and create new clothing using the material(s) that insulate the best and recycled summer clothes eg. old t-shirts and shorts.
Scoil Eanna Galway How does music affect our body? Our project is about looking at how different genres of music affect our concentration, exercise and heart rate.
Moyderwell Mercy Primary School Kerry By your powers comBRINEd!!! In kerry, we are surrounded by freshwater and saltwater. But how much salt is needed for freshwater to turn to saltwater?
Primrose Hill National School Kildare Which grass produces the most biomass, which in turn will produce the most energy? We hear about greenhouse gases and climate change through the news, podcasts and social media. We hear about countries discussing and implementing plans to combat climate change. Governments are trying to adopt regulations to encourage people to live more sustainably to protect our planet. They look at how we heat and light our homes, what fuels our cars and how industries operate, in terms of renewable and non-renewable resources. We plan to explore some renewable and non-renewable resources and we plan to explore the advantage and disadvantage of using Biomass energy.
Oristown National School Meath How to remove oil spills from water Investigating ways in which oil can removed from water. Looking at the damage oil spills cause and the difficulty in cleaning an oil spill. We will use a few different commonly found items to mimic the real life equipment that is used when there is an oil spill. We will then use hydrogel to see how this will react with the oil. We have to then question if the hydrogel or other chemicals would be the best thing to use when cleaning oil spills.
St. Paul’s NS Roscommon JK Irrigation System My project is about harvesting rainwater to water my garden. The system works automatically so it saves me time. It does not need any electricity to work so it is good for the environment. It saves money. It is economical and it could be developed to use on large fields and for industry.
Scoil Mhuire Gan Smál Tipperary Biodiversity in our Area In our project we hope to increase the biodiversity and sustainability of our school grounds by making small changes to the school environment through the introduction of “A Bug Hotel”, “A Butterfly Hotel”, nesting boxes for birds, bird feeders, window boxes and a wildflower garden. We hope that our school will become a place where wild animals and birds will come to visit and make their home in our school.
Scoil na Maighne Tipperary When do we concentrate best in school? We want to find out if there are particular times during the school day when pupils’ concentration levels are better. We also want to find out if there are times in school when our concentration levels are lower and what causes this dip in concentration.
St. John of God N.S. Waterford Does Exercise Help Us to Concentrate Better? Our project is about the effect that exercise and physical activity has on our concentration and memory. We are investigating if our test scores improve following exercise and evaluating which type of exercise (gentle or vigorous) is better.
St Manchan’s NS Westmeath How does Gaming, Exercise and Learning effect our Brain Power? We have decided to do our science project on the impact of gaming, learning and exercise on brain power. We have heard our adult generation telling us that gaming is not good for us, that it affects our learning capacity and our reaction times. They have said that we should read more or exercise more to develop our brains. We will investigate how our memory is after a set time of gaming, reading and exercise and then we will test or reaction times after the same. We will compare and analyse our results and see if our predictions are correct.
Bunscoil Loreto Gorey 1 Wexford Does mindfulness effect your concentration level? We are going predict if we believe that mindfulness will effect our concentration levels. We will then investigate the affect of completing a mindful activity on our concentration level. We will do one week with no mindful activity as a control and play a concentration memory game and then one week with a mindful activity and then we will complete the concentration memory game. We will then analyse the results of both weeks to find out the outcome and hypothesis.
Bunscoil Loreto Gorey 2 Wexford Does exercise improve concentration? We are going to look at the effects exercise has on concentration. We will play a memory game then half the class will go out to exercise while the rest watch a movie. We will then redo the same type of concentration activity and see which group performs better. We will repeat the test the following week with the opposite groups exercising and watching a movie.
Bunscoil Loreto Gorey 3 Wexford Can just 10 minutes exercise a day improve our fitness Our project is questioning the effect of 10 minutes exercise per day, we wonder whether it is enough to make a difference to us or not.
Bunscoil Loreto Gorey 4 Wexford Music in the Classroom-Can it improve our concentration? At Bunscoil Loreto we have a great love of music. As a result, our class has a keen interest in participating in musical activities. For our project we want to investigate how music can affect our focus in the classroom. As a group of 6th class students who are about to transition to secondary school we want to explore if music can aid our focus and concentration. We hope to use our results to help us decide whether we should continue listening to music when studying in secondary school.
Gorey Central School Wexford The Honeybee from Flower to Table Our project is about Honeybees! The important job they have in the environment for Pollination and the process the Honeybee undertakes to turn Nectar into honey and the role of the beekeeper to extract it and make it safe for eating.
Boherbue NS Cork Mindful hearts Does mindful meditation effect our heart rate? We are conducting a study on the heart rate of 3 children in 6th class. We are investigating whether mindful meditation has an effect on our heart rate. We will be using a mindfulness based meditation program for the duration of 6 weeks. We will be practising mindful meditation 3 times a week for 6 weeks in total. The whole class will be taking part. We will be using a heart rate monitor to measure the heart rate of 3 pupils. We want to measure the changes in the heart rate of the 3 pupils before, during and after mindful meditation.
Graignamanagh Boys’ NS Kilkenny How does Artificial Intelligence work in Robots From our work to date with Dream Space TV we are really interested in learning more about Artificial Intelligence. We would like to see if we can create a simple robot that will use some form of Artificial Intelligence.
St Peter’s Primary School Wicklow Taking the sting out of nettles Our project is about nettles from an environmental, medical and scientific point of view. What causes the sting to be so sore and how can we ease the pain?
Tubberclare NS Westmeath Which masks give us the best protection while also providing comfort? During the current time, teachers and staff in school are wearing masks. Teachers are wearing masks provided by the school but most are opting for their own that they have purchased themselves. Our project is going to be about the different types of masks that the staff of our school are wearing.
s n Moin Ruadh Ireland Pets in lockdown Our project is a simple one .A lot of us have pets at home and we would like to do a project on pets during lockdown . We think life changed for our pets in many ways and we would like to find out what it was like for other pets in Ireland and what other children ,adults and older people think.We would like to talk to others about how their pets lives changed .How the relationships between pets and their owners was affected.What happened to the numbers of pets in Ireland .Were these effects positive or negative .