The selection process

How we select students

Your entry proposal is considered by a panel of screening judges who carefully consider every project and following on their decisions, you will be informed that your project has either qualified or not qualified. The judges may also request further information on certain projects entered.



Qualified projects will receive a letter confirming that the judges have accepted the project. This will also contain details of the exhibition.

Not Qualified

The judges may decide not to accept a project. This means that you will not present your project at the exhibition in the RDS in January. The reason for the project not qualifying is sent to your teacher. You will receive a letter notifying you of this decision. Included with the letter will be a certificate of participation plus a €25 family pass to admit two adults and up to two children to the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 2020.



If your project is queried, the judges will send you an e-mail/query letter. With your teacher’s assistance you must answer this query and reply as soon as possible. This screening process should take around four weeks to complete, so please be patient. NB: The submission of a project does not automatically mean that the project will qualify for the exhibition in the RDS in January. The judges’ decisions are final in all cases and BT or its employees have no influence over the judges.

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